Friday, November 6, 2009

Official Statement - Now Saying Swine mutated - Admits Lungs with Blood 11/6/09 11:15am est

A Ukraine official has come out saying the H1N1 might have mutated to be the Pneumonic Plague.

The First Deputy of Health Minster in the Ukraine is now acknowledging the deaths there are from a mutated H1N1 Flu! (mutated flu? why not just say what it is!?)

From Article:

The first deputy minister of Health in Ukraine said in a statement that they have a different h1n1 swine flu than the rest of the world and US. In 6 days 500 000 people have been infected, 93 confirmed deaths. Statements from a lot of departments and officials seem to disagree but the fact is that if this is the h1n1 it might of either mutated or this is another swine flu strain.

The reason for this is obviously as stated above and that the strain in the Ukraine has a much bigger rate of filling the lungs with blood. This can be blamed on lack of public health but according to sources this is not the case. The plague or virus in the Ukraine has 10 times the mortality rate than the normal swine flu.

In a paper published in microbioligy news called resurecting influenza pandemic strains. The author regonized 5 strains of weaponized flu.

Confirmation that this is a mutated version: (or not a mutation of h1n1 but a viral pneumonia which is something different)

1. 250 000 to 500 000 infected in one day, way faster than any other country the h1n1 has been

2. Many cases of viral pneomonia where the lungs fill with blood, a much higher viral pneomonia rate than any other country

3. Ukraine Health minister said himself that "swine flu has mutated"

4. Much bigger death rate than normal

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