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Another Plague Lashes Out in Europe - Article Is From Associated Content Site 11/29/09 8:00

Another Plague Lashes Out in Europe - Article Is From Associated Content Site

This is an article from Associated Content, which if I am correct is available for MSM companies to pick up if they want. This article goes through all the information we know about already, including the spraying of Ukraine, WHO ignoring what is going on there, etc.


As if the hysteria of H1N1 influenza were not enough to alter the mood of the population, now there is another disease, more dangerous than the flu around Europe and apparently some U.S. states as well. This new threat to public health has the particularity to calcinate the lungs of those affected.

In Ukraine 1.5 million people have been infected, and thousands more are diagnosed every day. So far, preliminary numbers show that at least 300 people have died from the disease, most of them had no medical complications prior to getting the violent illness. The rapid expansion of this unknown disease may be due in part to the high density of the population in Ukraine and the fact that there is a high migration rate.

The possible causes of this new disease are discussed; one of them being the fact that many of its characteristics are similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed millions. Other scientists believe it can be a new version of pneumonic fever, due to the short time it takes to cause death.

Hundreds of residents in Kiev, complained that their neighborhoods and surrounding cities were repeatedly sprayed by planes which left dozens of chemical trails in the sky. The new disease appeared in Ukraine a few days after these cities were sprayed. Local newspapers reported that several planes flew aboveKiev, confirming what was said by the residents.

Although for now there has not been made a connection between the disease and any pharmaceutical company in the case of influenza A, some researchers believe that the way in which the disease appeared closely resembles the way in which influenza A was discovered. Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist who has covered the emergence and development of influenza A, said that hospital officials found traces of the 1918 Spanish flu in the DNA of one of the victims of this new disease, which makes it practically impossible this occurred randomly in the environment, but rather, it could have been created in the laboratory.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization denies that anything like that has happened, and instead says it is a mutation of H1N1 influenza. Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesman says this is a plague that can affect any human being. ''The level of severity with which it attacks people is unknown,'' said Hartl. On the streets of Ukraine, people seem to be wary of the government´s capacity and credibility to deal with the emergency. Most of those interviewed by Russia TV agree that the government should stop scaring people.

Estepania Petrikovic began to feel unwell two weeks ago. Soon she could not breathe and his body´s temperature reached 40 degrees C. ''I was almost dead when they brought me to the hospital. They put on a drip, and do not know what happened afterwards,'' said Petrikovic. Health agencies have warned that new waves of disease will come, and it's not a good idea to let the guard down just because the explosion of sick patients has dropped in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. there is suspicion that some patients in hospitals in North Carolina may be infected with the new pulmonary plague. According to media reports, last January, health agencies of the United States visited several police departments around the country and warned that in the winter of 2009 there would be a flu pandemic. How did they know? That's a mystery until now. One fact has been confirmed, and it is that several pharmaceutical companies such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals conducted experiments with people in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. The results of these experiments was the death of almost all those in whom they experimented. The doctors who carried out the experiments were arrested, but the drug company was not charged with any crime.

After the experiments were confirmed, several doctors like Leonard Horowitz warned last June about a possible flu pandemic that would originate in eastern Europe. In Poland, a hundred people were used in experiments, and at least 20 of them died from what they were injected. Also in January and February of this year, doctors in the Czech Republic warned that an attempt to cause an influenza pandemic would occur in the winter.

According to Dr. Bill Deagle, two planes operated by the United States but of Russian production, were seen flying over cities in Nigeria and Pakistan. The planes described as AN-124 and of military use, were forced to land in Mumbai, India, by the Pakistani Air Force. When they were
inspected, the police found equipment capable of spraying 100 thousand pounds of chemicals. Although no traces of any chemicals were found, the detention of the crews suggests these aircraft intended to carry out spraying operations.

Another fact that has sounded the alarm of the population is the fact that several doctors who wanted to warn about the possibility that Baxter and other companies worked to create a biological plague, have been attacked by police and special forces in their own homes, to prevent that further details get out to the public. The last case was Dr. Joseph Moshe, who warned about the intention of Baxter Pharmaceuticals to create a biological weapon. Dr. Moshe was stopped while driving his car in West Los Angeles by a team of Special Forces. Media reports reveal that Moshe was sent to Israel immediately after his arrest, and so far his whereabouts and health status are unknown.

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