Friday, November 6, 2009

Officials Say 109 Dead Now 11/6/09 2:11PM est -

Death at 109 Now

From article linked above:

Since the start of the flue outbreak, 109 Ukrainian have died from severe cases of the cold and flue, a high-ranking ministry for emergencies official announced Nov. 6. According to the health ministry, samples from 28 cases were confirmed by a London lab and 13 Ukrainian died, the official said.

Meanwhile, the flue outbreak has spread from Ukraine’s western oblasts to the east, with its proportions crossing the epidemic threshold in four more oblasts of the country, Donetsk, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Kyiv, Ukraine chief sanitary doctor Oleksandr Bilovol told journalists Nov. 6.

The government has declared the state of medical emergency in these oblasts and the capital Kyiv, the official confirmed.

Bilokon said the total of 33,979 sick Ukrainians had been taken to hospitals, 97 of whom had died.

The official stressed the need for vaccination as a means of flue prevention in the oblasts where there is no influenza epidemic.

The numbers are all over the place for how many are actually sick - this says 33979 - but other officials have said over 1/2 million now.

Doctors have said thousands have died.

It seems no one can get their information straight.

I will say again, why don't they come out and say - What the doctors have said "It is the Plague"? That way, people can try and protect themselves more. Instead they have panic in the Ukraine, due to no straight answers on what is what.

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