Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing All the Articles around the World Today about Getting the Swine Flu Vaccine - Including this Flyer in the U.K. - 11/30/09 12:58pm

Amazing All the Articles around the World Today about Getting the Swine Flu Vaccine - Including this Flyer in the U.K.

I have been searching the internet, trying to find information about what is going on with the bleeding lungs around the world.

One thing I have seen today is an absolute abundance of Swine Flu Vaccines being started in schools, places of work, getting the homeless vaccinated and even a Circus in France with the ringleader saying all the workers need to get the vaccine in front of an audience!

I also ran across this flyer in the U.K. saying "How safe the Swine Flu Vaccine is for pregnant women". I have inserted previously a youtube video of a doctor on the Fox news channel reading the label saying the Swine Flu Vaccine is not safe for pregnant women.

People have to remember the Vaccine makers have been given IMMUNITY - No matter how many people die from the vaccine or have permanent physical problems after getting it!!

Funny how the flyer for the U.K. fails to mention that fact! The amount of media attention to persuading people to get the vaccine is tremendous today!

Please, provide people with as much information as possible to NOT get the vaccine! It is Untested and the Swine Flu has a lesser mortality rate than the normal flu even. The Swine flu is nothing, but what else is happening around the world with the bleeding lungs IS something!

We don't have a tremendous amount of information on the bleeding lungs and destruction of the lungs, because the governments of the world and WHO are trying to hide it as much as possible. We know about it, from the brave doctors who have come out publicly regarding autopsies etc.

Why WHO and the governments are trying to hide the fact there is much more going on, which people DO need to be concerned about, is beyond me.

One thing I DO KNOW is the Swine Flu vaccine is NOT for the serious disease that has been in Ukraine and Iowa, besides the drug resistant strains of the mutated Swine Flu.

The only thing I can figure out, is they don't want to go public with the mutated Swine flu and plague, because then that makes getting the Swine flu vaccine a dead issue.

The other thing, I believe at this point. The vaccine makers EXPECT their Billions and Trillions from the governments of the world. Is it, they feel the banks and Wall Street got their money from the governments and Now they are demanding money?

Here is the link for the flyer in the U.K. about the safety of the Swine Flu vaccine for pregnant women and I dare say they out right lied in it. They say mercury is no big deal in it and it will not hurt a fetus, besides the ingredients being harmless.

Please see the posting of all the women who have miscarried upon getting the vaccine!

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