Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ukraine Health Minister Tells Population - Get Ready for Measles and Rubella - Due to Your Mistrust of Vaccines! 11/29/09 8:35am

Ukraine Health Minister Tells Population - Get Ready for Measles and Rubella - Due to Your Mistrust of Vaccines!

Can't the Ukrainians get a break?! The health minister has told the population, due to them not trusting vaccines and not getting the measles or Rubella vaccine, they can expect an epidemic of those this next year to 2011. Remember, the Ukrainians have already been warned of a second wave of the "Swine Flu" by their government and WHO.

Seems to me they are really trying to scare the population there into getting all kinds of vaccines!


Ministry of Health predicts the outbreak of measles and rubella in 2010-2011. Об этом в интервью газете "Урядовий кур'єр" сказал министр здравоохранения Василий Князевич. This in an interview Uriadovyi Kurier said Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich.

"Дополнительной вакцинации против кори и краснухи в 2009 году не будет, а поэтому, по прогнозам эпидемиологов, очередные вспышки кори и краснухи можно ожидать в 2010-2011", - сказал он. "An additional vaccination against measles and rubella in 2009 will not, and therefore, projected epidemiologists, regular outbreaks of measles and rubella can be expected in 2010-2011," - he said.

Министр отметил, что деньги, выделенные международными организациями на вакцинацию против кори и краснухи, Украина потеряла в связи с недоверием общества к массовой вакцинации. The Minister noted that the money allocated by international organizations for the vaccination against measles and rubella, Ukraine has lost due to distrust of society to mass vaccination.

Василий Князевич добавил, что согласно подсчетам, для дальнейшей покупки вакцин против кори и краснухи государству необходимо 70-100 млн гривен, передают Українські новини . Vasily Kniazevych added that according to estimates for future purchase of vaccines against measles and rubella, the State should be 70-100 million hryvnia, transmit Ukrainian News.


  1. Oh, holy crap. Is this for real? Damn, but the Ukrainian government must be hip-deep in the manure known as the WHO.

    This is SO bullshit scare tactics, and I should think that anyone with half a brain would see it as such.

    I've reached a point where, if I have a child, that child will be homeschooled, and screw a bunch of vaccines. Although, given the NWO, said child will probably be taken from me, due to what the UN perceives as "neglect". Jerks.

  2. Did the people finally get better in the Ukraine? I haven't seen a post on any deaths since Nov 14th. I hope they are doing better.

  3. There have been lots of postings about them since the 14th - look on the side - you will see the archives, I have over 300 postings on it all.