Sunday, November 22, 2009

Okay, I am throwing a thought in here - a somewhat conspiracy in One way - A Fact in Another 11/22/09 8:15am

Okay, I am throwing a thought in here - a somewhat conspiracy in One way - A Fact in Another

I am using the Red and Green colors, just for Christmas as this involves Christmas.

All this last week I have been hearing on the network and cable news channels (when I turn them on for minutes - to hear the spin of the day) about Santa!

All the channels and online MSM sites have been going on and on about how Santa is going to need the Swine Flu vaccine and how they ALL need to get them, since they will be around thousands/millions of children.

I just now turned on the weather channel to see what the weather will be like today. What did I hear as soon as I turned it on "Concern for Santa this season he needs to be protected with the Swine Flu vaccine"! EVEN the Weather channel is getting into the act.

Now, here is where the not that much of a Conspiracy and Fact COME TOGETHER!

The FACT is the Swine Flu Mist vaccine is the LIVE Swine Flu Virus, so if all those thousands of Santa's get the vaccine within the next couple of weeks (the government is making them priority) they will then be breathing out the LIVE VIRUS for three weeks! Guess what happens then? All those Million of kids then Breath in the LIVE VIRUS!

Now, I have a question - since the medical field and Government KNOWS this fact - why the Hell have they WAITED until THIS TIME to insist on Vaccinating the Santas? Why wait until they are suppose to be in the malls and around kids, WHILE they are breathing out the Live Virus?

Above is Facts and thoughts of what is Real, so it is not really a conspiracy.

So now, for those with kids, do you disappoint them and not let them sit on Santa's lap thus making sure they are not coming in contact with the Live virus?

Also, when my child's school vaccinates, which is suppose to be in the next couple of weeks, I am glad it is before Christmas. Because all the kids getting the Swine flu mist will be walking around with the Live Virus for three weeks - Oh, my kid just may be sick that time afterwards.


  1. Well yes, but..........please remember that this week is American THANKSGIVING and the BIGGEST travel day of the year. Also, last week the air traffic controllers computer went down causing massive flight cancellations, delays, etc. Something isn't right in DENMARK...

  2. This Jim Manning Santa, ( I think of him as "Santatizer" ) was interviewed extensively on NPR a few days ago. I have to admit he has a legitimate case based on possible exposure. However, if he thinks the vax is the remedy, I believe he's more of a threat to the kids than they are to him. If I were him, I'd be looking for another job right now.