Friday, November 6, 2009

CDC Brochure On How to Protect Yourself from the Plague 11/6/09 2:31 pm

I am linking the CDC Brochure on How to Protect yourself against the Plague
(Also at the bottom of my original Post - at bottom of page) I have information from the government on how the Plague could be sprayed in the air as an act of terrorism.
Was that done? - since people had said there were planes flying around spraying chemicals in the air, the day before this "mystery - Plague" hit the Ukraine in a big way.

The CDC brochure, basically says, keep Fleas off your pets, for protection against the Bubonic Plague (sores on the skin)

But if it is Pneumonic Plague (lungs), get to the doctor immediately.

Another site about how to identify the symptoms of Pneumonic Plague

I also researched about the Plague's history.

The Black Death

I did not realize the difference between the Bubonic Plague and the Pneumonic Plague I wanted to find out how people had survived the Plague in the past epidemics of it.

First the Bubonic Plague is wounds/sores on the skin that turn black - thus called the Black Death. 50% of the people who got the Bubonic Plague lived. The Pneumonic Plague is of the lungs and only 10% of those people lived who got it. I could not find anything special those 10% did, besides getting emergency care, but I am going to continue searching. The reason the Pneumonic Plague spread fast, is because it goes through the air as people breath in and out. The Bubonic Plague, people had to actually touch the wounds to get that plague. If this is the Pneumonic Plague as the doctors say it is in the Ukraine, I believe finding out everything possible to survive it is a very good idea (which I am sure everyone agrees with that).

I will insert all things I find about what people need to do, for the best chance of survival(besides of course having a mask for yourself).

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  1. Onions are one very good preventitive measure. From someone who has survived, NZ. Cold and wet make it worse.