Sunday, November 8, 2009

Russia Today - News Segment About Ukraine Epidemic11/8/09 8:26pm


  1. Russia Today seriously needs to get its act together, and why is it taking so long to get up to speed, when RT is right in Ukraines' backyard?? HELLO?? It is inconceivable that they are attempting to report on crucial latest developments in Ukraine by way of this ineptly repackaged and re-edited video content, jumbled together with sporadic current coverage so as to be nearly incomprehensible in terms of portraying a coherent sequence of events. This video is not acceptable. It is negligent and rife with criminal obfuscation of timely information which is vital to the general health and safety of the public at large. Better than nothing at all is no excuse.

  2. Yes I saw this vid a week ago its got a new openening then its the same vid? WHY?