Sunday, November 8, 2009

Canda Congress Appealing to Canadian Prime Minister To Help Ukraine11/8/09 8:22pm

Canadian Congress Appealing to Canadian Prime Minister to Help Ukraine, Because Flu has reached Epidemic Proportions There

Canada is acknowledging Ukraine's plight right now and wants to help!

From article:

Appeal to combat H1N1 pandemic

TORONTO, Nov. 8 /CNW/ - The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) are appealing to the Prime Minister of Canada to direct Canadian foreign aid funding immediately toward humanitarian aid to help the Government of Ukraine to fight the increasing global H1N1 flu pandemic.

"I have requested that the Prime Minister of Canada designate a portion of foreign assistance funding toward immediate humanitarian medical aid to help Ukraine fight the H1N1 flu pandemic", stated Ukrainian Canadian Congress President, Paul Grod. "As the pandemic spreads across Ukraine, pushing into the European Union, I urge the Prime Minister, on behalf of all Canadians, to generously donate funds and medical supplies to combat this deadly virus. What impacts Ukraine, and Europe, affects Canada."

The World Health Organization reports the pandemic now covers 14 Oblasts (Provinces), including Kyiv, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, and Kirovograd, all of whom now exceed World Health Organization (WHO) standards for epidemic status. In the last 48 hours, the number of persons sick with serious respiratory illnesses has exploded from 250,000 to almost 900,000, and 37,031 children under 18 years old have been reported ill, with nearly 40,000 people hospitalized.

First respondents to the Ukrainian Canadian appeal include Air Canada, the Cole Group, Purolator, Caravan Logistics, Jim Temerty and Health Partners International (HPI), who answered the call for crucial medical supplies, funds and logistics support.

"These companies and individuals have been incredible. Not only are we grateful for their quick response and overwhelming generosity, these companies understand that, as nations, we are inextricably linked between Europe and North America" stated Bob Onyschuk Q.C. Chairman of the Canada Ukraine Foundation. "Donate, because it can save the lives of children in need," stated Onyschuk.

"Canada has always been a strong humanitarian and economic partner with Ukraine", stated Ambassador Ihor Ostash, Ukraine's Ambassador to Ukraine. "We are prepared to work side by side with Canadians to defeat this pandemic and we are grateful for their support."

Valued at $200,000, the first shipment is scheduled to depart Toronto, Canada on November 9 via Air Canada for Kyiv, the nation's capital. The Government of Ukraine, through the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, has guaranteed rapid distribution of the supplies upon arrival at Borispol airport.

Donations of supplies, vitamins and antibiotics valued at over $160,000 and donations of over $60,000 in cash for medical supplies have been received by the Canada Ukraine Foundation. These funds will be used to purchase additional medical supplies and their distribution to the areas in Ukraine ravaged by the pandemic.


Contact:, or by mailing donations to CUF,
203-952 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB Canada R2W 3P4.

For more information contact: Details on what is needed and how you can donate or help are available at or or you may contact Lesia Demkowicz at or tel: (204) 942-4627.

For further information: Media Contacts: Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Darla Penner, Tel: (204) 942-4627, Email:,; Canada Ukraine Foundation, Bob Onyschuk, Q.C., Tel. (416) 369-4574, Email:,

I think it is wonderful countries outside of Ukraine's immediate borders are acknowledging that Ukraine has a dire situation going on right now. I do feel, they should be a little more forthcoming in regards to what is the actual problem, compared to saying as they do "it is the H1N1 virus". It is not the H1N1 virus, even Ukraine acknowledges that much.

We need more honesty and more coverage about this from the media! When they acknowledge what is really happening, then people can prepare in ways they need to and precautions can start to be implemented. If honesty does not happen, then more people will get sick, and possibly die.


  1. Firstly, thank you for all the
    work you are doing to inform
    about crisis in Ukraine.
    However, you do know that none
    of this is being reported in the
    United States media?
    We do not have informing journalism
    in the US anymore. It is all whoring
    propaganda designed to keep Americans
    ignorant and only interested is shopping
    However, as I wrote earlier, please
    keep informing.
    Many thanks.

    dwayne chandler, eastern united states.

  2. Even in Canada there is no reporting. I just watched the national news waiting to hear what is going on in Ukraine. There has been absolutely no coverage. I did find one article about this epidemic from mainstream media, but nothing on television or radio. Thanks for letting us know what is going on.

  3. In french canada they talk about it yesterday morning, but just that there's a lot of sick from aH1N1 in Ukraine, and.. nothing else.
    Thanks for your blog!

  4. Im Polish but live in Switzerland. Well, there has been no coverage about Ukraine at all...what I saw today on Swiss internet provider was that there is an emergency state of Swine Flue in Switzerland and that there will be enough vaccination for all. Then in French TV TF1 there are mass vaccinations in plan... Thank you for informing!!!