Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slovakia Closing All Borders With Ukraine - Except For One Road! 11/7/09 7:54pm

Slovakia is closing it's border crossing with Ukraine Except for One Road Border Crossing!

From article:

BRATISLAVA, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Slovakia said on Saturday it would close all but one road border crossing with Ukraine on Sunday because of Ukraine's flu epidemic.

Vysne Nemecke, the biggest checkpoint, will be the only one to stay open.

"The reason is the continuing worsening of the epidemic situation in Ukraine," Interior Minister Robert Kalinak told journalists. "This is intended to minimize any eventual outbreak of the disease."

Kalinak said the EU member state's decision was temporary and aimed to protect the bloc.

Doctors and hygienists will be stationed at the border to monitor passengers and have the powers to bar anyone suspected of being infected from entering the country.

Ukraine could delay a January presidential election until May next year because of its outbreak of H1N1 flu, which has killed more than 100 in recent weeks and infected more than 750, 000. (Reporting by Martin Santa; editing by Andrew Roche)

I would say there is a lot more going on that the officials know about in Solvakia. Closing the borders is a Big step!

One thing to think about, notice the Interior Minister of Solvakia said "Disease" NOT Swine Flu! Why did he use that word?

Seems to me, reading between the lines, and using the word Disease says it is Not the Swine Flu, he is worried about!



Solvakia and Ukraine Border

From Article:

Vysne Nemecke/Kosice, November 8 (TASR) - Despite the deteriorating epidemiological situation and the high incidence of flu in Ukraine, people are still crossing the Slovak-Ukrainian border, spokesperson for the Border Police Directorate in Sobrance (Kosice region) Agnesa Kopernicka told TASR on Sunday.

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak announced on Saturday that Slovakia would close its border crossing at Ubla (Presov region) on the border with Ukraine as of 7 a.m. on Sunday. As a result, only one border crossing with Ukraine - at Vysne Nemecke (Kosice region) - is still in operation.

According to Kopernicka, on the back of the closure of Ubla, the border police are now expecting heavier traffic at Vysne Nemecke. Prior to the shutdown at Ubla, the number of people crossing at Ubla dropped by one-third while traffic at Vysne Nemecke was down by one-half.

Kopernicka added that Slovakia has asked the Ukrainian authorities not to let people from the worst-hit areas of the country cross into Slovakia.

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