Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prime Minister - Vaccinated or Not? Conflicting Reports 11/7/09 7:01am est

Caption under photo: A source close to Tymoshenko claimed that prime minister had been vaccinated three month ago.


Tymoshenko's press officer denies claims that prime minister was vaccinated against flu

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and some of the ministerd have not been vaccinated against swine flu, the prime minister’s press officer Maryna Soroka said. She denied information that had appeared earlier in mass media claiming that Tymoshenko had been vaccinated. As reported, referring to one of the closest assistants to prime minister, Tymoshenko and other ministers were vaccinated three months ago. Read the story here.

There seems to be a dispute on if the Prime Minister was vaccinated against the flu or not. The flu vaccination has become mandatory now - with Martial Law being in affect.

Days ago, more than 80% of the Ukraine people said they did NOT want the vaccine and did not trust it. Now it is being demanded they take it - under the penalty of arrest (this information is below in the starting post with links).

Why will they be forced to get the vaccine? When this is some "mutated Swine Flu" from official sources in Ukraine, then the vaccine created for the original Swine flu, will not work. Why don't they think of that now, why still make people get the vaccine? Oh, there is NO vaccine for the Pneumonic Plague.

Another thought, how many Heads of States are/have gotten vaccinated? I know that Obama and his children have Not been, nor have I read they planned to.

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