Saturday, November 7, 2009

Death Toll Now "Officially" 135 in the Ukraine 11/7/09 6:52am est

The Official Death Toll is now 135 in the Ukraine.

From Article:

As many as 135 people have died from the flu and other acute respiratory viral infections in Ukraine as of November 6, including 25 who had died over the previous 24 hours, the Ukrainian Health Ministry reported on Saturday.

Since the moment the epidemic started to spread, 871, 037 people have been diagnosed with flu and other respiratory viral infections, including 101, 317 over the past 24 hours. As many as 39, 603 of these people have been hospitalized, including 4, 732 over the past 24 hours, and 317 are in intensive care.

Another Article:


The article mentions the same numbers above, but it has a paragraph that is very interesting and odd to me.

From Article:

Ihor Pokanevych, head of the WHO office in Kyiv, told Deutsche Welle on Nov. 5 that health authorities are watching to see if the seasonal strains of the flu and the swine flu will mutate into more virulent form of virus. Ukraine has become a test case of sorts.

“The outbreak in Ukraine may be indicative of how the virus can behave in the northern hemisphere during the winter season, particularly in health care settings typically found in Eastern Europe,” Pokanevych added.

I find it a little strange, they insert that "Ukraine has become a test case of sorts". I would like to know exactly How it became that way.

The official numbers do not come close to the unofficial numbers from 4 days ago, which ranged from 1500 to 3000 dead (from sources inside hospitals). My thought is, if that many people had died, yet the amount of people who were ill at that time was under 200000 and now it is almost 900000. How many people have actually died?

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