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* Health Protection Agency claims - Crimes Against Humanity being committed! 11/10/09 8:16 am est -

This is from a Ukraine/Russian Media outlet - For all the Conspiracy Theorist, You will Love this article!

This article makes some Very Heavy Claims and states the Names of Who is involved in What is going on with the H1N1 and the vaccines. From what the article says, dots were connected to who is involved and what companies. It is a rather long article, but I am going to insert the Whole thing here. I took out all the Russian - to make it English only. At link - the Russian can be read.

Please note, this blog is about getting information out on what is happening in the Ukraine, I am adding this very Huge Conspiracy piece, because it is in a Russian online Media outlet, which has been a legitimate source of information about the Ukraine situation. I have not inserted all the conspiracy theories about what is going on, because I have wanted to keep this clean. BUT - since this Doctor and organization met with the FBI - showing Connected Dots, to what is going on (as the article claims) and they have a basis and paperwork trail for making the claims, so I am inserting it here.

Also if this is True - and an investigation made as it claims it was by a legitimate organization, and it has been proven - It Blows the H1N1 Vaccine conspiracy Wide Opened!!

In mid-August 2009 forensic group Health Protection Agency - Health Protection Agency (HPA) of California, who oversees the pharmaceutical industry, has discovered documents revealing the criminal and subversive activities of a number of pharmaceutical companies, united in an international cartel that conspired among themselves engaged in production of highly toxic vaccine "against" swine flu H1N1.

In the conspiracy have been involved are the same pharmaceutical giant Baxter (city of Deerfield, Ill.) and Novavaks (Bethesda, Md.), for "error" which in February 2009 and toxins pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza hit the flu vaccine and triggered a short burst avian influenza. They dragged into its activities a number of other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the U.S. and requested:.

The investigation revealed that all the traces lead to the Corporation of New York City Partnership "sponsored" trust company of David Rockefeller, which included several wealthy and influential partners on Wall Street, as media moguls: Rupert Murdoch, Morton Zuckerman and Thomas Glauser. One of the partners "trust" is Jerry Spreer - former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Another accomplice of a criminal gang, as the statement by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is the President of «Silverstein Properties, Inc.» Larry Silverstein - former owner of two World Trade Center towers, now co-owner and lessee of the premises for biotechnological trust David Rockefeller. By the way, he, Silverstein, - one of the main suspects in the ongoing investigation "The Truth About 911".

This "Trust D. Rockefeller" directs and controls the direction of global biotechnology research, marketing and sale of products for health care. Trust is also fully are subject to all major U.S. and some foreign media - the same ones who so zealously advertised the danger Invented and genetically modified evil genius scientists swine influenza.

In April 2009, the news agency Reuters, along with a number of independent American journalists to start their investigation. Reason for the investigation was the fact that the first seven deaths were not the result of swine flu. . U.S. media began to promote the dissemination of H1N1 even before its actual occurrence. Yes, after swine flu was (probably artificially) introduced into Mexico, and he actually died about 60 people. But the precedent of early warning guard.

The result of investigative journalism was overwhelming: all the action, now accused of a crime against humanity companies, with the first media reports, jumped to the heavens. Consequently, the "Trust D. Rockefeller and others like him to plan all the action from the swine flu, knowing what this might lead.

In addition to the companies named above, in this dirty game have also been implicated pharmaceutical firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (USA), BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (USA), Roche Holding AG (Switzerland). Perhaps it is not all participants in the conspiracy against humanity.

By mid-September 2009 has become publicly available information that the doctor, microbiologist, Leonard Horowitz, a leading American expert on medicines and health products, has five academic degrees, along with journalist Sherry Kane, in the presence of lawyers gave the FBI compelling evidence that vaccine against swine influenza H1N1, produced by the above-mentioned American pharmaceutical cartel, NE-lyaetsya bacteriological weapons, as well as mixed with highly toxic substances, inevitably leading to a complete loss of immunity and causing more than twenty kinds of cancer, followed by paralysis of respiratory muscles and organs.

In his statement, written on 20 sheets, Horowitz vigorously, consistently and convincingly reveals the picture of the conspiracy against humanity and complicity to him the above mentioned companies and individuals. The application Dr. Horowitz has made a number of documents, including the results made by him personally chemical analysis of vaccine H1N1.

Archival documents, entitled "ekpozitsiya 2, 3," Horowitz attached to the statement indicates that research and development of a number of viruses, including vaccine H1N1, were held in military medical research and production complex of David Rockefeller, under his direct supervision and with the assistance of a scientific laboratory University, bears his same name.

. The document contains the name of the President of the Rockefeller University named Dr. Lederberg Zhoshua - one of the developers of AIDS and its retroviruses, and viruses that cause leukemia, and one of the developers of additives for the modification of H1N1. The documents also indicate which types of viruses were sent to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Next accomplice, according to a statement Horowitz - Dr. James S. Robertson, a leading British scientist bioengineer on influenza viruses. In the past, Robertson served orders of the U.S. Department of Defense project "biological defense." In collaboration with the Department of Disease Control and Prevention Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has helped the corporation "Novavaks" genetically modified flying pig viruses and Spanish, a formula which coincides exactly with the virus found in Mexico and later - in the United States.

- It is quite obvious is the fact - says Dr. Horowitz - that the outbreak of swine influenza in Mexico - this is another laboratory "incident" of "Novavaks. Patonomicheskoe or diagnostic description of the virus shows that it could withdraw only from the lab's "friends" Robertson - said Leonard Horowitz.

No other team in the world would be unable to take samples from chickens infected with Asian influenza, to take to Europe for the extraction of DNA, proteins combine them with H1N1, add the Spanish flu virus of 1918, mixing the genes of pigs, pork, add to the virus, and then conduct a "reverse inzhenirovanie" to give the virus the ability to infect people. Exported from Great Britain with the help of CDC Director Ruben Donis of the American laboratory Rick Bright of the company "Novavaks", the final product turns out to be in Mexico.

Thus, the team Rick Bright - the only one that falls under the suspicion of collusion in an attempt to commit mass destruction of the planet's population to gain, - concludes Dr. Horowitz.

From them, for all the years of outbreaks, from a total of 421 infected, according to the World Health Organization (World Health Organization), killed 257 people in 15 countries.

A little later, was established vaccine H1N1, which has a 30-ies of the 20 th century, was refined and modified. Genetic vaccine composition remained unchanged, until it became clear that in 1976 the vaccine was artificially changed in one of the military laboratories in the USA under a secret project SVSP N01-CP-6-1047. Проект назывался Curatorial Preservation & Development of Refer-ence-Grade Tumor Viruses. The project was called Curatorial Preservation & Development of Refer-ence-Grade Tumor Viruses.

The project led Dr. Charles D. Aldrich, head of the laboratory was Jack Gruber.

It was after the completion of a secret project in America has a new outbreak of swine flu. All subsequent years, the Ministry of Defense categorically denies any experiments with viruses have not yet surfaced facts of the experiments on soldiers during Operation Desert Storm.

Consequently, since the swine flu is not going away. He was kept under lock and key in the laboratories of American pharmaceutical companies and the Ministry of Defense. Scientists have long known that in itself is not swine flu is more dangerous than any other. Every year, from various kinds of influenza on the Earth is dying to half a million people. That was before as long as the evil geniuses on the order of the financial elite of America did not turn an ordinary virus in the most dangerous thing in the history of biological weapons.

The richest people in the world called the Bilderberg Group. They call themselves the "Illuminati". The symbols of their beliefs and desires are depicted on the dollar bill. At their secret meetings, according to numerous reliable sources, they have repeatedly raised the issue of reducing the world's population (depopulation).

They call themselves the rulers of the world. They pay the U.S. government and dictate his terms. They have sponsored everywhere and in everything.

They own 95% of all media in America and abroad. Who can condemn the rulers of the world? Yes, heads will roll losers - the evil genius, but they will be replaced others. The main thing that humanity should know, at the threshold of what it costs.

PS Given the unprecedented nature and importance of these data, Dr. Horowitz gave a formal affidavit to the fact that other activists have distributed the information and warned governments around the world, in order to stop mass vaccinations, and not be complicit in crimes against humanity.

*** ***

Журналистам: Для интервью с доктором Горовицем и Шерри Кейн, ведущими расследование, используйте следующие контакты: Rob Potter 1–949–715–2217; info@healthyworldorganization Journalists: For interviews with Dr. Horowitz and Sherry Kane, leading the investigation, use the following contacts: Rob Potter 1-949-715-2217; info @ healthyworldorganization

The above seems to be a complete conspiracy theorist dream - but again I wanted to include it, because the doctor and agency met with the FBI and it says Reuters investigated this and information in the article comes from that.

Make what of this article you will, but it seems to make a very legitimate claim through Real investigations into the Vaccine!

Since MSM is not touching anything - except to say "get your vaccine" - We as the People of the World - need to Inform Each other in all the ways we can - about what is going on!


  1. I am so glad that legal action is being taken. I just recently found out about this "conspiracy reality". Although anyone that I try to talk to about this thinks I am nuts.

  2. Do you have the link to the original article?

  3. The link is in the headline - links are on every post - in headline, normally - unless it does not take.

  4. I don't understand how this cannot be anywhere on the mainstream news? How can everyone be involved? Won't they also be exposed to this?

  5. nothing to read about all this at the link.