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Ukraine President Met with UN and WHO Representatives 11/10/09 6:45am est

Ukraine President Met with UN and WHO Representatives

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This is from UN's website, they met with the Ukraine President yesterday and "All is Well and Positive" from what the article says. They will use Ukraine as a lesson for getting faster results for other countries.

From article:

9 November 2009. Kyiv, Ukraine. - Leader of the WHO Mission, Head of the Emergency Response to Natural Disasters Department of the WHO European Regional Bureau Jukka Pukkila, WHO expert, specialist in intensive care unit of the Royal Hospital of Leicester Simon Merdel, UN System Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative Olivier Adam, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokuo, Head of the WHO Country Office Igor Pokanevych took part in the meting.

"We emphasize the importance of the WHO expert group activities in the context of identifying further areas of combating an epidemic", - said the President of Ukraine at the beginning of the meeting, adding that Ukraine is completely open to cooperation with the World Health Organization and hopes to its further assistance.

Describing the situation in Ukraine regarding the disease of influenza, the President noted that the overall dynamic is sufficiently positive.

However, the Head of State stressed the unavailability of laboratory research for most regions of Ukraine. "Ukraine has to make a lesson from the influenza epidemic", - said Victor Yushchenko.

The President thanked the WHO for the prompt response to the request of the Ukrainian side to dispatch a mission to assess the epidemiological situation of influenza in Ukraine.

At the same time, Head of the WHO Experts’ Group Jukka Pukkila stressed that Ukraine's experience in combating the epidemic of influenza A/H1N1 will be useful for other countries. "These results are important not only for Ukraine. At the moment Ukraine is at the center of attention. Ukraine's experience will help other countries to improve their response to the influenza "- he said.

So, I guess the UN and WHO have no problem with the Ukraine police taking all the medical records?

All is positive there?

Make your own opinions about this information! If the UN doesn't have a problem with some of the things happening in the Ukraine, I guess no other country or media outlet will either.

UPDATE 7:23 am est Another article, this one is about the UN meeting with the Prime Minister of the Ukraine

link to UN article: http://www.un.org.ua/en/news/2009-11-09/

From article-

9 November 2009, Kyiv, Ukraine - During a meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mrs. Yuliya Tymoshenko today, the UN System Resident Coordinator Mr. Olivier Adam, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Ukraine Ms.Yukie Mokuo, Head of the WHO Country Office Mr. Igor Pokanevych, and Leader of the WHO group of experts Mr. Jukka Pukkila discussed the epidemic situation in Ukraine and further joint steps to overcome it.

The representatives of the United Nations and the World Health Organization expressed their appreciation to the Government of Ukraine and personally to Prime Minister Mrs. Yuliya Tymoshenko for the high level response to the pandemic influenza, the head of the International Mission of the European WHO Office during the meeting.

“On behalf of the United Nations and the Mission I would like to thank the Government of Ukraine for welcoming the mission and your personal leadership, Prime Minister, in response to the pandemic influenza”, - admitted Jukka Pukkila, also being grateful to the Minister of Foreign Affaires for the coordination of bilateral cooperation.

In its own turn, Head of the WHO Country Office Mr. Igor Pokanevych also thanked the Government of Ukraine for effective actions and measures taken after the 6 phase of the pandemic was announced. He expressed gratitude to the Government for full access to the information, particularly for the complete openness as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Igor Pokanevych also stressed that the WHO Mission observed a high level of clinical training in western Ukraine, where epidemic influenza broke out, and Zhytomyr region that has not yet faced an abnormal situation with influenza.

"The World Health Organization will provide all necessary support to ensure that the A/H1N1 vaccine will be available in Ukraine", - said Jukka Pukkila at the briefing.

The Head of the International Mission of the European WHO Office added that taking into consideration the fact this vaccine will be accessible in small quantities at the beginning, Ukraine, like other countries, should begin vaccination with the priority risk groups.

At the same time, Jukka Pukkila noted that the development of a pandemic may last a few weeks or a couple of months, that is why Ukraine should continue to vaccinate people against seasonal influenza: "I support the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the fact that the WHO also encourages continued vaccination against seasonal influenza and to conduct specific vaccination against pandemic influenza, as soon as it is available in Ukraine”.

Seems the whole meeting was about making sure the people got vaccinated, not about the amount of people who are sick, nor what they are sick from.

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  1. Since when has any government been truthful about anything?