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Belarus Reports Almost 1/4 Million Flu Cases11/10/09 7:44PM

Belarus Reports Almost 1/4 Million Flu Cases

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Belarus Reports Almost 1/4 Million Flu Cases
Recombinomics Commentary 23:32
November 10, 2009
The press service of the Gomel regional executive committee BelaPAN reported that in the Gomel region died of pneumonia eight people. Pneumonia was diagnosed in 827 people, including a 643 adults and 184 children.

According to the press service of Belarus continues to rise in the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections (ARI). From 2 to 9 November in 18 cities of the republic controls 223,349 registered cases of influenza and ARI. Among the control of cities, the highest incidence rates of influenza and ARI recorded in Rechitsa, Gomel, Mozyr, Molodechno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Borisov, Minsk, Soligorsk.

In the region from 2 to 9 November diagnosed with influenza and acute respiratory infections (ARI), put 48,752 people, of which the proportion of children was 49% (24051), adults - 51% (24701). Share hospitalized was 2.7% (1,299 people). Among the hospitalized children predominate (60%).

At all administrative territories of the Gomel region introduced a set of preventive measures. In connection with a high incidence in Gomel region on November 9 in 169 schools and three vocational training institutions suspended the learning process.

The above translation describes a significant influenza outbreak in Belarus, which has many similarities with Ukraine. Eight pneumonia deaths have been reported in Gomel, which is adjacent to the Kiev Oblast in Ukraine (see map). In the latest report from Ukraine, the largest increases in cases were in Kiev and Kiev Oblast. In addition, 10 suspect H1N1 deaths in Minsk have been reported suggesting that the deaths may also be linked to H1N1 and hemorrhagic pneumonia. 90 such fatalities were described in Ukraine, and the total disintegration of both lungs is similar to cases described in the United States and Mexico, as well as cases in 1918.

The cases in Belarus are widespread and the numbers cited for Gomel would be above the epidemic threshold. Most areas in Ukraine are also above the epidemic threshold, while the remaining areas are near the threshold.

These high rates are driven by H1N1 because levels of other seasonal flu's throughout Europe and North America are negligible. Well over 99% of sub-typed flu is swine H1N1.

The deaths in Belarus and Ukraine raise concerns that there have been small genetic changes in the virus position 225. These changes (D225G, D225N, and D225E) have been reported in multiple swine H1N1 isolates, including recent isolates from fatal cases in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

The expanding number of cases and fatalities increases concerns created by the delay in the release of H1N1 sequences from Ukraine

They are again saying - What is Taking SO LONG for the Lab results of What it is Killing people?


  1. http://www.ken-welch.com/Commentary/Pandemic1.html

    Hi, seems to be very serious information. Maybe you manage to get in touch with this guy in order to find out more.
    Thanks for all you are doing and to everybody:
    Please post also your comments on http://www.theflucase.com by Jane Bürgermeister

    (A German Professor, speaking Russian informed me, that he thinks until now about 5.000 persons died from this "pneumonic plague" - which is NOT H1N1. - I still do not know what it really is.

    A former CEO of a Pharmaceutical Company, I know him quite well, told me, that he thinks also this plague can be blocked/cured with Colloidal Silver and high input of Vitamin C. He is taking daily 5 Grams Vitamin C, just for keeping himself healthy).

  2. I'm already having big problems with "Doctor" Henry Niman. I'm also seeing major red flags go up with his fledgling Recombinomics consulting and Rhiza Labs enterprises, from which he stands to make beaucoup bucks with this outbreak. Here, in his own patented way, he quotes from other source material than his own, and then proceeds to pontificate upon it, always being sure to steer the prognosis back to swine H1N1 as the primary culprit, without offering any sufficient or current evidential corroboration of any hard sampled data, but instead, he merely proffers his own pet theory statistical models as proof of his hypotheses. Did this so-called Doctor obtain his doctorate in Statistics? His method of dealing with this real-time avalanche of pneumonic plague evidence seems always to be a totally unjustifiable conflation of it with his pet Swine 11, for which there is increasingly less indication of any epidemic fatality whatsoever. Is not pneumonic plague caused by a case specific BACTERIUM, a sample of which should be a simple walk in the morgue to detect? Are we hearing now that a bacterium can be hosted or carried by a virus? WTF, Sherrie ! And always as a last resort and freshly patented excuse, he continues to pretend to rail against the WTF/WHO ( his likely sponsor ) about the blessed "sequences" being long overdue. NO SHITE, HENRY! This character is posturing with a very high profile that he doesn't seem to deserve IMHO, and if I weren't scrutinizing him so microscopically at the moment, I would be avoiding him like the plague.

  3. Before commenting again, I want to thank Sherrie from the bottom of my heart for a most outstanding job she is doing on behalf of us all, by freely giving of her own precious time to provide this vital and life-sustaining information, and because it's so challenging to sort through a virtual mountain of it, I wanted to simplify and focus what I said in my previous comment. Strangely enough, I just came across a very brief clip which highlights and amplifies many of the exact same points I was trying to make about this "Recombinomic" approach, but in a much simpler and understandable way, so I simply wanted to share it with everyone. Many thanks again Sherrie.


  4. I'm also laughing at the flutracker website set up by RhizaLabs. I pointed out that if HINI is the dominant strain of flu by 70% at the moment and under 7,000 deaths have occurred since April 2009 - the world is much better off with HINI than the usual seasonal flu which kills about 500,000 per year.
    The comment was just swept under the carpet and 'talked over' as if they couldn't even understand the point I was making. I was dumbfounded that the so-called 'experts' could be so stupid.

    But this new strain in Ukraine is a bacteria, not a flu virus, which is a completely different story. It was dropped via aerosols in US planes based in Ukraine, in broad daylight just days before the outbreak. Then there is that Jo Moshe story that confirms what they have planned all along. Today, FTO.com wrote that Obama bought shares in Baxter International in 2005, just before he introduced a comprehensive bill about a flu pandemic. That was before the virus mutated too, and now this.

    If America is behind the new plague, then Russia and the Ukraine won't want the US knowing how much damage they've caused, which is probably why the statistics are not being released to the public at all. Russia has not reported any pneumonic plague victims, but I've read that there are many there.