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- Widespread rumors of Ukraine bioterrorism 11/10/09 3:00pm

Widespread rumors of Ukraine bioterrorism

What an Article - Must Read - from an Real Online News Source. You can thank http://www.thefreedomlink.org for bringing this article to our attention.


Ukrainian organizations in Canada have today issued an urgent appeal to the Canadian public and government for assistance in combatting the serious explosion of severe acute respiratory illness that has struck Ukraine in the past week and now affects over 900,000 people, with some 40,000 people now hospitalized. (http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/November2009/08/c7130.html)

This is not H1N1 2009 pandemic swine flu, also called California flu in Ukraine. People everywhere continue to refer to it as H1N1, but according to both WHO and the Ukraine government they are different diseases. The Ukraine government still reports only a handful of deaths from H1N1 California (”swine”) flu, with just one lab-confirmed death. Meanwhile both the government and WHO have been tracking the exponential increased of illnesses from severe acute respiratory illness, which have symptoms very different from H1N1 flu.

It is expected that within the next day or so WHO will release the gene sequence from tissue samples. Meanwhile speculation is rampant about what the ‘mystery disease’ actually is. Opinions range from a mutated, recombined, or man-made H1N1 to weaponized pneumonic plague or bird flu. At this stage there is no publicly available information on the cause. However, many observers say that it cannot possibly be H1N1 unless it is a different and much more virulent strain of it.


On October 29 people in Kiev and cities in western Ukraine reported that light planes and helicopters had been spraying something to protect people against swine flu. Business owners were told in advance to keep doors and windows shut and to stay inside. There were many reports to local newspapers and radio stations, but local officials would not let them be published.

Within hours people were feeling ill, some reporting red rashes on their arms. Within two days a dozen people had died of severe acute respiratory illness (reported by WHO October 30 on their website), some with their lungs full of blood, fevers up to 39C-40C, and lung temperatures as high as 55C. This severe hemorrhagic pneumonia has similar symptoms to the 1918 Spanish flu, pneumonic plague, pulmonary anthrax, SARS and avian flu (H5N1).

Within a couple more days some 40 people had died, and today the death toll stands at around 100, with over half a million people infected. Most reports are calling it pneumonic plague, a bacterial infection that devastated Europe during the Middle Ages.

It is reported today that ARI cases have reached over 600,000 with 95 deaths, and that the outbreak is slowing down. (http://blog.kievukraine.info/)

On September 29-30 INTERPOL held a bioterrorism ‘tabletop exercise’ in Warsaw, Poland (http://www.interpol.int/Public/BioTerrorism/tabletop/default.asp). Now there appears to be a real bioterrorism event in eastern Europe. Dubbed the “Ukrainian plague”, there are also reports today of almost a million infected, 50,000 hospitalized, and that it has spread into Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. (http://europebusines.blogspot.com/)
Nov 7 — U.S. radio talk show host Dr. A. True Ott interviews Alexander S. Jones about the Ukrainian mystery disease outbreak –

Are they trying to spread this thing globally? Despite internal martial law, quarantines, and travel bans, Ukraine has not closed its borders, and WHO says there is no need, as it would have no advantage in limiting the spread of the new outbreak, which WHO simply calls “severe acute respiratory illness”. However, Slovakia has closed its border with Ukraine, Russian has tightened its border, and Poland is apparently considering the same.

No solution is being proposed to combat the mystery disease that is killing so many people. The focus remains entirely on swine flu. Although prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has said that only a dozen have died from H1N1 and only one case has been lab confirmed, the current outbreak is still officially blamed on swine flu, which Ukraine calls California flu.

WHO has had a team in Ukraine for several days and is reported to be in control of some key government positions. Most areas of the country are quarantined, travel is severely curtailed, public meetings are banned, schools are closed for 3 weeks, and mandatory mass vaccinations for swine flu appear imminent.

The government is now rounding up anyone who speaks out against swine flu disinformation, hype and alarmism or against mandatory vaccinations. Doctors in particular are not allowed to contradict the government’s line or to speak about the cause of deaths.

CBC has called Ukraine’s flu response ‘over the top’ (http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/11/06/h1n1-world.html?ref=rss)

Meanwhile, election campaigning has come to a stop because of the ban on public meetings and there is speculation that the election may be postponed until May 30. President Viktor Yushchenko and prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko are running against each other.

Yushchenko was elected with a 52% majority during the famous “Orange Revolution” of 2004-2005 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Revolution), after earlier 2004 election results were annulled.

Billionaire tycoon Tymoshenko, who is the only one to have held an election rally before the ban on public meetings, said not long ago: “Sometimes I really think that Ukraine needs dictatorship and rule of law. Only a dictator can maintain the rule of law in Ukraine.”

What is really happening?

It is now widely known that earlier this year Baxter intentionally distributed over 70 kg of live genetically engineered H5N1 (avian) flu to labs in 18 countries, which was discovered after tests killed ferrets in Czech Republic and homeless people in Poland.

On August 12 Israeli bioscientist and MOSSAD agent Joseph Moshe called the studio of Dr. A. True Ott after a radio talk program. He claimed that tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines were being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions and said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death. The next day his standoff with Los Angeles police was televised live. (http://labvirus.wordpress.com/2009/11/07/video-joseph-moshes-baxter-ukraine-plague-warning/)

Why is such a major event getting so little attention by mainstream media in North America? And why is WHO dragging its feet in releasing the gene sequences?

All the above is from the article - seems like some of those "conspiracy theories - people are throwing around, are getting a few legs.

I will say again - I am putting articles in here - I am not trying to make this site about "conspiracy theories" - only what information I can get that is real. But it seems more and more of the online media outlets - articles are putting in the same things - that some would call "conspiracy theories".

What is also nice, they have put lots of the information I have here on the blog - that is confirmed in one article!!

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    Although not related to the Ukraine, it's interesting to note the following which was posted on September 24th by kshipherd:

    "Physicians Asked to be on the Lookout for Possible “Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases”
    Among Influenza Patients
    The CDC says that there have been some anecdotal reports of possible "hemorrhagic
    pneumonia" cases among influenza patients who have died or been hospitalized for
    severe illness. The phrase "hemorrhagic pneumonia" is somewhat outdated, and most
    clinicians will not use the term to describe this condition, which can be a very rare
    complication of viral respiratory infection. Some other terms that can be used to
    describe this include diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH), which can be caused by
    infections but doesn't have to be, and hemorrhagic pneumonitis. In any event, it's a
    serious complication that will sometimes lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome
    (ARDS). It occurs very rarely as a complication of seasonal influenza, and there is some
    concern that it might be more common in H1N1 infections.
    The CDC is asking state health officials to look out for possible cases that may involve
    clusters of patients who might have these symptoms, or a large proportion of cases with
    these symptoms (e.g., 4 of 5 deaths). They will invariably be among the most severely ill
    influenza patients (i.e., deaths, ICU patients).
    This is a hard diagnosis to make, and the most telling symptom may be hemoptysis
    (bloody sputum, frothy bloody cough), although not all cases will have it.
    • Acute onset of rather more severe respiratory infection (dyspnea‐‐ difficulty
    breathing‐‐ is common)
    • Hemoptysis is often seen on initial presentation (~70% of cases)
    • CXR and physical exam will suggest alveolar infiltrates (radiographic opacities)
    • Diagnosis is usually made by BAL (brochoalveolar lavage) and pathology testing
    (increasingly more hemorrhagic fluid/secretions from sequential BAL

    Email sent by the Regional Liaison Officer, Region IV, H1N1 Response Surveillance and
    Epidemiology Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Questions concerning possible cases or this email may be directed to Medical Epidemiologist
    Zach Moore, MD, at the North Carolina Division of Public health at zach.moore@dhhs.nc.gov."

  2. hi. I was just wondering if there are any stories out there of patients who are recovering. What percent of the population is surviving this plague?

  3. Don't worry about liars calling you a conspiracy theorist. That's what conspirators do to try to deny the truth.

    I get called a conspiracy theorist all the time because I write about how Pharma has been intentionally causing autism since 1999 with the mercury in the flu shot that they give to pregnant women. So what? It IS a conspiracy. That's why nobody will tell you the truth about autism except parents who had it happen to their kids.

  4. how long until it reaches the USA???

  5. You should never fight with accusations that you are conspiracy theorist as a very act of denial authorizes this sly, fake term of no descriptive value.

    You are just a brave, independent, concerned journalist.

    Keep up good work. Truth will eventually win. God bless you!