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Presidential Candidate of Ukraine - Claims it IS Pneumonic Plague 11/12/09 4:13pm

Presidential Candidate of Ukraine - Claims it IS Pneumonic Plague


The candidate accused the government of concealing information about the flu epidemic in Ukraine, but representatives of the NSDC refute it.

Although information about the epidemic of influenza in the western regions of Ukraine actually started the epidemic of pneumonic plague. Про це заявила народний депутат, кандидат у президенти Інна Богословська. This was stated by deputy, presidential candidate gallery contains.

За словами Богословської, вона побувала у кількох західних областях України та поспілкувалася з місцевими лікарями, які й повідомили їй про чуму. According to the theological, she visited several western regions of Ukraine and talked with local doctors, who also told her about the plague.

За словами кандидата у президенти, легенева чума є не вірусною хворобою, як грип, а бактеріальною, тому лікування від неї ведеться неефективно. According to presidential candidates, pneumonic plague is not viral diseases like influenza, and bacterial, because of her treatment being ineffective.

У свою чергу, секретар Ради національної безпеки та оборони Раїса Богатирьова категорично спростувала інформацію про легеневу чуму, заявивши, що жодного випадку цієї хвороби в Україні не було підтверджено. In turn, the Secretary of National Security and Defense Raisa Bohatyryova categorically denied information about pneumonic plague, saying that no cases of the disease in Ukraine was not confirmed.

Нагадаємо, у дев'яти областях України запроваджено карантин через епідемію грипу . Recall that in nine regions of Ukraine introduced quarantine because of epidemic influenza. Карантин оголошено у Львівській, Івано-Франківській, Тернопільській (ці області найбільше постраждали від грипу), Закарпатській, Чернівецькій, Рівненській, Волинській, Хмельницькій і Вінницькій областях. Quarantine announced in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil (these areas are most affected by the flu), Transcarpathian, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Volyn, Brussels and Vinnitsa regions.

Крім того, в усіх школах України на три тижні припинено навчання, заборонені масові заходи. In addition, all schools in Ukraine for three weeks longer learning disabled events.

За даними Міністерства охорони здоров'я, від епідемії в Україні вже померли 33 людини, із них чотири - від свинячого грипу A/H1N1. According to the Ministry of Health of the epidemic in Ukraine has already died 33 people, four of them - from swine influenza A/H1N1. Всього свинячий грип діагностовано в 11 людей. Total swine flu diagnosed in 11 people.

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This article was from the 30th of October. I can not find any thing more about this candidate.


  1. great job keep it up - could you call some people in ukraine i found this list of numbers in ukrain - follow the link - these are some numbers of medical service/organisations in ukraine -

    keep going :)

  2. From above article in red - "...according to presidential candidates, pneumonic plague is NOT A VIRAL DISEASE like influenza, and (but) BACTERIAL, because of her treatment being ineffective"...

    I believe this simple fact to be of utmost importance in nailing this thing down, and since the WHO will not release any truly VITAL statistics or SEQUENCES, it should be childs' play for any other competent and independent concern to positively identify the true nature of this beast. Since time is of the essence, I enclose herewith a link to a very pertinent article released today at Jane Burgermeisters' site, which simply asks, and explores, via much thorough corroboration, an elementary and essential question. This article does not constitute a "conspiracy theory" IMHO. Please post further if you deem fit.

  3. I think her name is actually "Inna Bogoslovska". It appears as though "the theological" is a direct translation of her surname. It should be "According to Bogoslovska" instead.

    im glad for your blog, since i can check here every so often instead of scowering the internet. thanks.

  4. Bravo! Always and in all ways fight the good fight!

  5. Does anyone know if there's a connection between H1N1 and the pneumonic plague? I ask because I'm finding it difficult to find any relationship between the two.

    The Plague is an infectious disease caused by Yersinia pestis, a naturally occurring bacterium found primarily in wild rodents (and transmitted by fleas).

  6. This might be an interesting site for you Sherrie:

  7. Thank you, Peter Louis, I will put that up on the side as a site to go to for reference.

    Thank you for linking that here!

  8. There is not a connection - one is viral the other is bacterial.

  9. Phrase close to the end of article "In addition, all schools in Ukraine for three weeks longer learning disables events", when translated correctly, says "In addition, all schools in Ukraine closed for three weeks, and mass gatherings / meetings not allowed"
    -- Sergey

  10. Thank you for stating the correct translation.