Monday, November 16, 2009

Patent For Pneumonic Plague Vaccine Given in August 2009 - To U.K. Dept. of Defense! 11/16/09 4:00pm

Patent For Pneumonic Plague Vaccine - Given in August 2009 - to The U.K. Defense Dept!

How Convenient that The British Department of Defense Got a Patent for a Vaccine for the Pneumonic Plague in August of 2009! What perfect timing!

The People at The Freedom Link are the ones who found it!

You can view the patent on their website here:

I would like to know if this is the pneumonic plague in the Ukraine, if they will be kind enough to come out in public and say they have it and will then allow people to take it?

Now that vaccine, I would take, if need be!

Also, when were they going to come out in public and announce this for the world to know? One other thing, (conspiracy side of me) - they weren't planning on giving that to the "higher elite people" while they gave the rest of us lowly people, that Swine flu vaccine, were they?


  1. It's weird why the Pneumonic Plague keeps cropping up. It's a bacterial infection and not viral, yet some unconfirmed sources say that it's 100% confirmed.

    Does anyone know what, if any, relationship there is between the H1N1 virus and Pneumonic Plague. They are two totally different things aren't they?

    If this is Pneumonic Plague, was it a primary infection or secondary? Primary is caused by aerosolized infected droplets, secondary is caused by infected animal bites or fleas.

  2. While I am only operating on limited knowledge, my understanding of the pneumonic plague is that it is a bacterial infection which merely behaves virulently. As well, treatment for the pneumonic plague is a dosage of antibiotics over seven days.

    In this case, how can someone be vaccinated for a bacterial infection. My understanding is that vaccines are for viruses; the pneumonic plague is not a virus. Am I wrong?

  3. As far as I understood from a former CEO of a medium sized Japanese pharmaceutical company here in Switzerland, he believes high intake of Vitamin C could even prevent and/or stop this sickness - whatever it finally is.
    At the same time he is recommending COLLOIDAL SILVER intake, which has the ability to kill of about all those germes.
    Also intake of Vitamin D3 (small bottles at about no costs help to boost the immune system. My private doctor gave me 2 bottles the other day and said: "This is the medicine of the future and costs about nothing. The pharma does not like it. And you should drink each month one of this small Vit D3 bottles, this is sufficient. And according to newest studies you even cannot overdose it!"

    Will come back and post some links!

    Thanks a lot Sherrie for all research and information you put out!
    God bless you for this!

    PS: Today "" was accusing Jane Bürgermeister (not with name) that she never filed for Criminal Charges against Baxter (H5N1 spoiled Vaccination material with life Bird flu).
    Here you can see what I have put together: (German link!)

    On my scribd-account you find more important docs in this and other connections:

    all the best from switzerland

  4. IV Vitamin C Used to Recover Terminal Swine Flu Case
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    Dr. Thomas Levy sent me a case report where vitamin C was used to completely cure a case of swine flu.
    He says that adequately dosed vitamin C, to his
    knowledge, has never failed to cure an acute
    viral syndrome.
    read on here:


    We are constantly reviewing the literature around vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in human pathology. Here is a list of papers covering the vast area of Ascorbic Acid. You can search the titles by entering a topic at the top of the page. Some may be available online via PubMed, or at least as abstracts. We have many of these papers on file at the Centre.

    Ascorbic Acid Literature Review

    Vitamin C

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    However Man and the primates are one of the few species on the planet who cannot make their own vitamin C (others include guinea pigs, a fruit eating bat and an Australian bird - the latter eat a lot of fruit and berries and have a huge vitamin C intake).

    A 70kg goat which is about man sized makes 10 - 13 grams of vitamin C per day, and a monkey in a zoo needs 5 grams of vitamin C to stay healthy.

    So many people wonder if the RDA is not set far too low!

    All over the world people take vitamin C supplements and believe they avoid flu and other illnesses by doing so.
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    Swine Flu and Swine Flu Vaccination!
    Your life might depend on it!!!

    "British Propaganda Eugenics/Pandemic Movies" designed to program the global masses into submission under a New World Order, and soon dramatically cull the global population of "useless eaters."

  6. Good work Sherrie.

    I can second Endtime re Dr. Tom Levy. He's for real; he cured West Nile virus with IV C and it made the Boulder CO paper.

    The plague vaccine you cited is for bubonic plague, I think. That's definitely NOT what's happening in Ukraine! But it is scary to think that the military may have plague ready to release.


    UKRAINE: was reporting yesterday that over one million of people got sick from a mysterious, agressive influenza virus. Death toll 189. 53000 in clinics. Doctors compare the symptoms with the Spanish Influenza who brought after the 1st World War millions of deaths. President Juschenko asked the WHO for help. Researchers try to find out if it is a mutated form of SS wine Flu (((whatever it is it was sprayed --- Jane Bürgermeister was reporting on Nov 16, 2009 that there was some extraordinary special spraying in the South of Austria.... Do they wanna release the same crazyness there too??? - From Jan 1, 2010 the EU 27 countries are bound by the Lisbon treaty to become a REAL DICTATORSHIP.... And what better to start by medical marshal law ... gangsters!!!

    • In der Ukraine sind mehr als eine Million Menschen an einem mysteriösen, aggressiven Grippevirus erkrankt, das schon 189 Todesopfer forderte. 53 000 Ukrainer werden in Kliniken behandelt. Ärzte vergleichen die Symptome mit denen der Spanischen Grippe, die nach dem 1. Weltkrieg Millionen den Tod brachte. Der ukrainische Präsident Juschtschenko hat die Weltgesundheitsbehörde (WHO) um Hilfe gebeten. Forscher untersuchen, ob es sich um die mutierte Schweinegrippe handelt.


    Fears of pneuomic plague spread to India

    Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 14:39

    Some in India is now in fear after a few deaths have been reported of h1n1 symptoms but there was no trace of it in their bodies. In Pune's Sassoon hostpital in India up to 30% of the deaths that was thought of people to be infected with swine flu actually did not have it.

    Director of major hospitals Sanjay Oak said the BMC had written to the National Institute of Virology about this observation. "Recently, we lost two patients at Nair Hospital who had classic symptoms of swine flu, but tested negative," he said. "It could be some variant of H1N1 but not classic H1N1, and so the tests are showing negative," he said.

    Arun Jamkar, dean of BJ Medical College, Pune also said: "We have found that 36 patients who died in Sassoon Hospital had all the classic symptoms of H1N1 and had even responded to Tamiflu, but they tested negative for the virus"

    It was also blamed on suppliers.

    Director of Haffkine Research Institute Abhay Chaudhary also said that this could just be seasonal related.

    This has now caused some to believe that the same pneumonic plague that spread through Ukraine is now also in India although no confirmation from any officials whether the 30% that have died had symptoms of the pneumonic plague.

    Updates to follow.

  9. Thank you for that link Endtime Events I put it in the blog!

  10. actually Jerry, if you read the patent at the bottom it says it is for pneumonic plague. they sure did get that up and going just in time. Look at the dates too for the vaccines, they have been working on it for a long time.

  11. I assume you were kidding, Sherrie, that you would be willing to take a pneumonic plague vaccine ... even before you know what else it contains and before it is properly tested, etc.

    I have it on good authority from a person who understands these things well: "Never take a new vaccine until it has been well-tested".

  12. Looks like they have been testing it for years. Look at how far back the applications etc goes back to! I would take a vaccine that has years of research compared to one made in a couple of months without any research!

  13. The whole document deserves some more careful reading as in:

    "Improvements in transport links between endemic areas and large population centres bring with it the potential for large-scale plague outbreaks, highlighted by the recent outbreak in India (Shivaji, S. et al. 2000. Fems Microbiology Letters 189:247-252). There is therefore a need for effective disease surveillance to reduce the risk of plague transmission to new areas and subsequent outbreaks of disease."

    and ....

    "Existing plague vaccines include killed whole-cell preparations and efforts to develop new vaccines are in progress (Williamson, E. D. 2001. Journal of Applied Microbiology 91:606-608)."

    "Problems associated with whole-cell vaccines include relatively low levels of protection, adverse side-effects, slow time-to-immunity, and a need for regular booster immunisations (Russell, P et al. 1995. Vaccine 13:1551-1556). Although whole cell vaccines are thought to be effective against the most common form of plague (bubonic plague), that develops following a bite from an infected insect, their efficacy against pneumonic plague has been questioned."

  14. Some more useful, though technical, information can be had here: