Monday, December 7, 2009

What I Think is Happening Personally - My Thoughts on Ukraine and Spraying 12/07/09 10:22am

These are my thoughts on what is happening.

After spending the hours/days/weeks on investigating what is happening in Ukraine and other areas, I am now going to voice my thoughts on the situation.

These thoughts include many aspects including those, some would call conspiracies.

The plague/bacterial pneumonia that has been in Ukraine AFTER Spraying was done trying to cause a Major outbreak of disease. I firmly believe it was done on purpose and Ukraine was the testing place for the first spraying!

I firmly believe it is being done by TPTB - WHY?

With all the economic breakdowns and Ukraine has many problems with many complicated aspects involved with their breakdown. From the Presidential elections and power plays, to their money problems, to Russia wanting their resources of gas, to so many other internal problems they have, after I researched what is going on there, they were the perfect testing ground in TPTB eyes. I feel very bad for Ukraine's people, after all I have read about their situation. Their political situation is sickening - it is not about the people there, it is about the power players. The country is underwater financially, trying to get loans from the IMF and they do not have good medical care overall.

Poland - the Health Minister has remained firm (which is awesome) against vaccines - could their spraying (still not sure, it actually happened) be part of a retaliation against the Polish people?

I also believe this spraying did not have the complete effect TPTB have wanted, the amount of spreading of the disease/plague has decreased from all that I have read (unless the numbers are being hidden).

What does that mean?

It means TPTB may have used the spraying of Ukraine as a test - to see how effective the disease sprayed was and how well it would spread.

Are they now refining the disease, so it will be more lethal for the coming sprayings planned?

I believe there will be 9 times of spraying, which we will hear about with sickness afterwards.

I also believe there have been 4 so far (by my count).

One - Ukraine
Two - Paraguay
Three - Poland (though not sure about that one)
Four - Saratov

Considering a certain program stated a long time ago "ill winds" would start at the end of Oct. - and then the spraying of Ukraine happened - says the program was exactly correct in it's predictions.

The prediction says 9 times around the world with these "ill winds". I thought about it many times on how it could be 9 times. After hearing of more incidents of spraying - beginning in Paraguay with the spraying of a tribe there and them being sick afterwards, made me realize, we would hear about spraying and then people being sick afterwards 9 times.

It was somewhat confirmed after I read the newest Web bot alta report that came out yesterday. You can get it here: for $10.00, it is 58 pages. BUT I warn you - Do not get it - if you can not handle some extreme changes in the world coming up.

It mentioned the "ill winds" saying the 9 times was SET in the language and the "ill winds" WILL be around the world 9 times!

Now, think about the one place that would be the best to spray.... where people from every corner of the world will be there, thus the disease is set to absolutely travel to every single country of the world. After the testing of Ukraine and the refining of the disease to make it more contagious, it could then spread around the world, from this one event. Which is also mentioned in the report, as having spraying being done and disease following that spraying. Now, you guess which event is coming up that will have people from Every corner of the world, in February and is an ideal place to set off a world wide plague/disease! The language from the web bot - has the Olympics firmly within it - as spraying of disease!

Now, I have been contacting Medical Examiners and even though information SHOULD BE Public about what caused deaths, I am Getting Nowhere! I have now been asking ONE SIMPLE QUESTION - Which is: "Did the People die of Bacterial Pneumonia?" The people I talk to will NOT answer that One question nor will others call me back. I have challenged the people at the examiners offices, asking WHY they will not answer that? Also, isn't that information suppose to be available to all?


Those of you in Iowa, North Carolina, Texas and in the countries of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Norway to contact your medical examiners office and DEMAND to know - if Bacterial Pneumonia was the cause of death with the Bleeding Lungs!

Bacterial Pneumonia, is the Plague/1918 Spanish Flu causes of death.

WHO and the governments of the World Need to Be Honest about the deaths and what has caused them, without giving us the same old tired story of "Swine flu and Get your vaccine"!

Bacterial Pneumonia CAN BE SPRAYED - I have posted many things about it, even from the U.S. government about using it as bio terrorism.

There comes the question of WHY - WHY would governments do this - sounds way too conspiracy minded - right?

This part gets into all the other things going on right now.

Consider the amount of FRAUD the banks and governments have committed and are still hiding AND when the full information of all the Tungsten Filled FAKE Gold that is out there in 400 oz bars.

All the banks, governments and Media shrills are saying "We are over the worst" BUT the TRUE Facts are - they are HIDING the Worst. The WORST of the economic situation is yet to come.

To me, this is like what Enron did, they hid for years the REAL Books, they manipulated the numbers - BUT finally they could be manipulated no longer and they Fell with a Big Bang! That is what is happening, I believe in the U.S and other places in the world. The governments are hiding it all - along with the banks.

Do the governments want mass riots when people realize they have been fooled and Lied to? NO

How can they lessen the impact the most? Make people sick.

Think they would not do that? Look at history, Governments do whatever needs to be done, to get to the end result THEY WANT!

Look at Pearl Harbor (U.S. govt. KNEW it was going to happened and allowed it - to get into World War 2) - The U.S. Govt. ALLOWED Thousands to DIE - and the Naval Ships Destroyed.

Earlier in history, they gave Indians blankets with small pox, because they WANTED the land!

The LIE of Iraq being involved with 9/11 - just to go to war with them and take over the country.

The Fact that has just been released that Bin Laden had been cornered in Afghanistan, BEFORE the U.S. went into Iraq, so they let him go - otherwise the Iraq war would not be warranted nor accepted by the people.

The Official FACTS of 9/11from the U.S. government - are NOT True - research it - you will find that statement I just made is TRUE! I am not going to get into 9/11 here - But I will say.... aren't you curious WHY so many pilots/architects/engineers/politicians/t.v. personalities - the list goes on and on - Say 9/11 could NOT have Happened as the official government statement says it did? The buildings collapsing is the KEY part - ESPECIALLY Building 7 and the Pentagon hit! RESEARCH IT - FIND OUT - The Truth WILL SET YOU FREE - But then you will QUESTION Everything else - which is what I have been doing!

Vietnam war was based on Lies in the beginning.

The list goes on and on - all confirmed (except for 9/11) at this time.

So does it make sense, considering the world's economic situation is breaking down that Now - people are being sprayed and made to get sick, so there will be less mass rioting when TRUTH comes out?

The above is filled with conspiracies, yet - if you research all above mentioned, you will find they are not really conspiracies, but reality.

Also mentioned in the new alta report out yesterday.... is a Fashion change slated for around February of 2010 - where faces are hidden under mask - INCLUDING EYES - with glasses/goggles, for around the world.

So, I will say again - get prepared for this - while supplies are available.

BUT - I also believe there are ways to combat this by us all.

First getting information OUT that spraying has and is occurring to cause disease BESIDES the Chemtrails that are laid across the Earth's skies every day.

If in your area - if there are Low flying planes and helicopters - that Are actually spraying something - Alert people around you and get the information Out.

I believe if we all come together with Actual Knowledge - Truth and Knowledge is the Key to Combating what may be planned, we can survive the "ill winds" planned.

Also, I have been spending literally Hours investigating a certain person - which I have hinted at before in a previous post - I have come up with some very interesting information, which I am not ready to release yet. There is ONE key information I have yet to find, which would be Absolute Proof of what looks to be the Truth of the site/person that they are Part of the PTB/vaccine companies/WHO game! Their plays of the game are to cause constant Fear - be quoted by MSM and release information of Mutations all the time, but Not the Real Truth! They have embedded themselves in the alternative media too - being quoted by them all the time - they were set there to do that, so they control the information on BOTH sides! BUT history shows how embedded the site/person is with the vaccine makers and Big Institutions, supported by Rockefeller etc, of which I DO Have Proof of. Again, there is ONE Thing I want to find, before I post my findings.

The Following IS TO THOSE INVOLVED IN THE SPRAYINGS, who may be reading this:

How can you Live with yourself, knowing you will cause suffering and death around the world?
Be it your job of a pilot, bioengineer, virologist, government worker, Military personnel, WHO worker, etc - Do you Really feel your job to follow orders and not lose it, is more important than saving Millions of lives, by NOT following orders? Do you realize what you are doing and will do, affects your OWN family and friends?! Don't you think your Own Soul Salvation and Karma is important? If you did, you would Stop doing what you are doing!

Please, if you are involved in Chemtrails or the Spraying of Disease - Quit your job - Leave the Military - Come out in the Opened about it - HELP combat it - for your good of your own soul, the good of your family and friends AND the good of the World! All of us out here, WILL help you get the message out. Can you live with yourself for the rest of your life and can you live with yourself after you die, do you Really know where you will be going then, if you are part of a plan to cause disease and death around the world?


  1. Sherrie - I wholeheartedly agree with you that somethig sinister is afoot. I too have been thinking through the scenario that is playing out before us - but I have to ask - if the desire of these nefarious people is to eliminate large sections of the popultaion how will the infrastructures of cities, states, countries, survive?

    Factories, distribution centers, trucking companies, shipping companies - that is just one sector. If the blue-collar workers are dead, who will operate these industries? Don't TPTB want economies to continue and their precious way of life to be preserved? The USA, for example, is a huge country with many industries that support the very basics of life. Power companies, sewage treatment plants, gas companies...who would run them?

    The Georgia Guidestones have a reduction of population to be 500,000 worldwide. Really? That seems logistically ridiculous.

    I am trying to understand the limits to their madness and how far they will go so that TPTB can sustain their greedy appetites and in no way reduce their standard of living.

    Thanks for this forum to speculte...thansk for your research.

  2. The report is good. if you can, please try to write a summary of the new webbot report. Best

  3. Sorry, I will mention a few things, but go to half past human - it is ONLY $10 - it is Well worth it too. Watch for Clif's radio shows and listen to them, you will get the summary from him and much more during those radio interviews!

  4. Sherrie, what is this web bot you keep writing about and what and how does it do whatever it is that it does? I'm confused.

  5. Quote from first comment: "The Georgia Guidestones have a reduction of population to be 500,000 worldwide. Really? That seems logistically ridiculous."

    You have the numbers wrong. The Georgia Guidestone wants 500,000,000.....

  6. I had a little adventure and checked out the Georgia guidestones - coffins and a FEMA camp in August - that adventure is on my Sherriquestioningall blog.

    But making the mistake of 500000 to 500000000 is easy to do. I did it by accident in my relating of the story - and someone else had to catch it and comment for me to realize the mistake.

  7. Very well thought out and written intelligence analysis. Thank you, Sherrie.

  8. northern alberta. 8:30 3 trails, one plane. Sky was clear. 11:00 noticed more trails another plane different directions. starting to cloud over now. Take it for what it's worth.

  9. Please check out Orgone at it does dissolve the chemtrails.

  10. I have and I have all the things to make it, except for the wood pieces that are made to hold it in place etc. I have watched those youtube videos and it shows that it really does work.

  11. Hi Sherrie

    I've read a number of things about Chemtrails and the consistent denial from various organizations that they exist. Although solid information of their existence is scarce, I did find the following from the Library of Congress:

    "Mr. KUCINICH introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committees on Armed Services, and International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned...

    (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--
    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;

    (ii) chemtrails;

    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
    (v) laser weapons systems;
    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons."


    Note part ii.)
    This bill was voted against.

  12. northern canada(manitoba)......there been alot of chemtrails in the sky last two days.....but i havnt heard about anyone getting sick. My mother works in the health industry, but she thinks im nuts so probbly wont tell me if anythings going on thats suspicious. Yesterday seemed i had a great big chemtrail x right abouve my house....oh boy i guess im lucky. also back a few months ago there were some native reserves giving the govt crap cause they sent hundreads of body bags with their h1n1 hoping to find one of those articles in the winnipeg free press for you.

  13. Hey, Bones, I am very familiar with the tribe getting those body bags. They had many deaths this last Spring. I have infact tried to contact all the officials up there to find out what the people exactly died from - bacterial pneumonia?

    I have researched and found some emails - but I have not gotten a reply back, nor have I gotten one back from the medical examiner there.

    I have been all over the tribes and the sickness in Canada, I just haven't had anything concrete to post though.

  14. Very interesting article. Ramifacations could serious. One thing I have learned about the plans of TPTB, when attempts to manipulate the nature of being go to far, the natural consequence is failure. That being said, being prepared for such emergencies seems a simple and prudent idea. Thank you so much for the dedication to the cause. Be careful of predictions of the future. We are in a very dynamic time. It is most difficult to predict now, and risky, as it is truelly a fine line between predicting and warning and promoting and intending. Just food for thought. Thanks again for all the fantastic research! Be well!

  15. Hello Sherrie

    Good thinking.

    I just found this one, German artikle about deads in Rusia in few days... People calling to newspaper and telling TRUCKS DRIVING IN THE STREETS AND SPRAYING...,1518,665238,00.html


  16. My name is Andrew Ian Murphy and I would like to comment on this subject. I have had a lot of experience and contact with various intelligence agencies through my entire life, and I have discovered a lot about how the world of secrets really works. The idea put forth that a government conspiracy was behind this spraying is incorrect...I mean that if it is the source of the disease that is...the reason for that is that the government can easily keep secrets from the public, but they can't keep them from their own personell, and when nerfarious things really do happen, such as the plane that took off with 6 nuclear missiles aboard, but landed with 5, though the public doesn't know this, the personell will sabotoge such things and will take matters into their own hands if there is some kind of wicked posioning going on. If those planes sprayed a bioweapon on a civilian population there would have been leaks from all kinds of places, leaks that would endanger the lives and carreers of members of the ruling elite. That's the way it goes, that is how it works. Now, as for the planes that were spraying, I fidn this very interuging indeed, because if they were not launching a bioweapon, what were they doing? Since there has been no official explanations for those aircraft, they were doing something serious and secret...I would say they were trying to spray a chemical agent of some kind that would mitigate the actual bioweapon that was released...they were trying to save the people...most likely that is what was happening.

  17. Andrew, sorry - but say what you want, spin what you want - the truth is - things ARE kept secret!

    Many know about various black op projects from Area 51 to Chemtrails to bio terrorism - the list goes on and on.

    So, I would not expect a leak at all.

    Not buying what you are saying - also you are not dealing with fools here, we research things - we dig in as deep as possible about a subject.

    you can try that spin on the populace that are glued to the T.V. and watch MSM. - but Not here!

  18. Thanks for that wonderful article Sherrie. I would like to add a small note on the 911 theory. Read about Operation Northwoods. It puts it all in perspective.