Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jim Willie - Information - U.S. Planes Sprayed Virus Over Ukraine! 12/26/09 9:05am

The below information is from this article. This is a Jim Willie article - it is Very detailed and Long - but this is a section about Ukraine. I Highly Recommend reading the entire information - It is about Every Single Thing Going on from Economics, War, Disease, etc. - Warning, it does not present a pretty picture of the future.


What follows comes from a contact who has taken the Ukraine story as a personal mission, covering it as best he can over a great many internet stories. He attempts to corroborate in a professional manner. This was shared last week. The virus is not a plague, a term that technically means over 95% mortality. Surely, the situation is very bad. An adjuvenant promotes mutations within mandatory vaccines against the virus (more like to promote the virus). It is unclear what agreement, pressure, and extortion was used to obtain the USAir Force aircraft and equipment in return. One can only speculate. He wrote the following.

"I have been following the Ukraine story very closely and it looks really bad. It looks like a government attack of the population with black pneumonic plague. Weaponized viruses, with Spanish Flu added to the old H1N1, have spread. They even have different shots for the population and the government. Shots for the ministers do not have adjuvenant. Shots for population does. This is in the German mainstream press where people are pissed off angry. Also, giant aerosol airplanes clouded the skies one day before a massive outbreak of 1.5 million cases overnight. Many witnesses, and lots of documented phone traffic of masses of people calling in to the radio station in real-time reporting the sky being clouded by 747-sized airplanes. Having 1.5 million people all of the sudden come up sick overnight is impossible without that huge cloud in the sky. Reports that as many as 1500 are already dead, but the government is not reporting it properly, suppressing information with the martial law orders. All of this is documented all over the place. Martial law was declared and there are forced vaccinations, even though the vaccination is part of the problem, not the solution. A third party can even catch it by being near someone who had the vaccination. The vaccinations add to the cocktail of viruses in the system and are a part of the strategy. They will need the militias to put everyone in quarantine.

US Military planes were the ones spreading the clouds, flown by Ukraine pilots. Indian and Pakistan Air Forces forced down the planes and found them fully outfitted with cloud duster hardware. The US government demanded the planes be returned since they belong to the USA. People are coming down with highly elevated fevers around 130-140 degrees. Their lungs are full of blood and are pitchblack like coal when they die. Speculation is Ukraine is a trial ballon, like a live fire exercise, and other targets will follow, possibly with much stronger concoctions. Just like the Ukraine version is stronger than the Mexico City version, the next release could be much stronger still. This is the biggest story since 9-11 and the mainstream news is conspicuously silent, not even reporting on the basic uncontested facts about numbers of sick."

See the following articles for personal research or casual reading about this horror, not at all of natural origin. My view is that Ukraine is special. It turned pro-West during the Color Revolution, with favor shown the West. Then Russia pulled it back into their fold. Battles over natural gas pipelines ensued. Now pockets of the USGovt and USMilitary are resentful of the loss. My belief is genocide is the plan, and Ukraine is a key center in Europe like Mexico was last April in North America, for disseminating the lethal viruses like a vast centrifuge. Each stage involves a more deadly version, the pathogenesis of the pandemic, aided and abetted by the syndicate which includes the World Health Organization. Two South African j ournals (CLICK HERE or HERE). A US message board (CLICK HERE). A Sentinel Radio article (CLICK HERE). An America Online video (CLICK HERE). A David Icke weblog thread (CLICK HERE). An InfoWars pair of articles about special vaccines for leaders and martial law (CLICK HERE or HERE).


  1. Don't want to spray on your parade - but this is old news - 6 or 7 weeks old. Later reports suggest things are stabilising in Ukraine.

    This is scare mongering. I come here for real news, not this.

  2. Willie should stick to economics this is sheer gibberish.

  3. How can any intelligent individual trust anything you have to say, when you are lacking such important knowledge. Celebrating the Ancient Babylonian, merchant holiday festival, under the guise of "Christmas" is basic 101 understanding for Gods people.

    If you have no proper foundation, how can you build?

  4. The NWO elite always warn us years ahead before they do something like these. Do the films: Resident Evil trilogy, 28 Days/Months Later, Doomsday, I Am Legend - ring a bell !!!

    I told you so!
    Pray hard & Enjoy 2010
    See Ya!

  5. Regarding celebrating the Holidays - I very much enjoy the time I can spend with family I do not see often!

    I was away for 2 weeks - now I am back!

  6. I hear you Sherrie, I believe aerial spraying is todays quiet killer:(
    google : chemtrails
    Guardian cited them as the most under covered news item of 2008.

  7. Um, I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure no human can survive (or reach) an internal temperature as high as 130 or 140 degrees. (According to the information I've found, the highest is anywhere between 111-115 degrees, usually causing death. Unfortunately, this probably puts the whole 'article' in question for many people.