Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Schools Are Resorting to - Trying to Get Kids Vaccinated - Including One Boy Kicked Out - For the Truth of the Swine Flu Vaccine 12/19/09 7:05am

There are two different articles about what schools are doing, to try and get kids vaccinated and what one principle did to a boy wanting to educate the other kids about what is in the Swine Flu vaccine by giving out flyers.

One School has decided to try and entice the kids to get the Swine Flu Vaccine by giving Pizza Parties to the classes who have an 80% sign up rate. The parents have to sign a form consenting to their child getting vaccinated, when the school sent them out, only 10% consented. The school is not happy, so after Christmas vacation they will give pizza parties to the kids.

What propaganda, a child of course will Beg their parent to sign the consent form so they can have pizza in their class.

Personally, if I was one of those parents - I would fight it the other way! I would contact the other parents and Say "lets have our own pizza party for the Class - outside of school, for ALL who DO NOT Get the Vaccine"!!

The second story is about a Boy who peacefully wanted to enlighten the other students with FACTS on what is in the Swine Flu vaccine, by simply giving out flyers to those waiting in line for the vaccine. The whole story is on youtube by the student who was assaulted by the Principle and a Teacher.


  1. *shakes head* I just do not understand WHY the push to have people vaccinated. Yes, I get it that BigPharm needs to make money...I laughed my head off at the article about the countries trying to return their unused doses. But haven't they already been paid for the doses in the US? Does it really matter if the kids get vaccinated at this point in the game? This just seems so, well, underhanded.

    But I am bewildered as to why the push? Swine flu has wound down, it wasn't as virulent as they had hoped, and anyone with half a brain would be questioning the vaccine after all the controversy.

    *sigh* I guess that the teachers and administrators at this school only read what is in the state sanctioned media, instead of looking around at other sources. I'm guessing that other sources are considered to be a bunch of ill-informed, ignorant scare mongering tin foilies.

    I was suspicious of this whole situation from the get-go. I didn't trust the WHO or BigPharm then, and that has not changed.