Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ukraine Numbers Are on the Increase Once More - Epidemic Threshold Being Reached - Large increases of Sickness Overnight 12/16/09 8:17am

The Official numbers of those getting sick are once again increasing in Ukraine. The color codings on the Health Minister's website, are showing the epidemic thresholds are increasing.

I would very much like to know, if the spraying which occurred was "white grit rain/snow" as being reported in Poland and Solvenia.


2,690,563 SICK


507 DEAD


On the medical forum board in Ukraine, I am seeing people posting their children and family members are sick once again. High temperatures with coughing are the number one complaint. They are going to doctors, but the doctors are not testing them and simply giving them Tamiflu prescriptions. People are beginning to get concerned once more. Some areas are closing the schools again.

Obviously Ukraine bears watching closely once more.

I would seriously like to know what the Hell is being sprayed in Poland and Solvenia. I have asked the Solvenia person, if there is anyway of getting the "White Grit Rain/Snow" tested? Did this same type "White Grit" Rain in Ukraine at the beginning of all of this. I have asked those in Poland and Solvenia to keep me informed on any outbreak of sickness.

Considering, the economic expectations I have been reading about for Eastern Europe - along with Greece... the real information is the fact there is a predicted default for many of those countries in the not too distant future. (I research and look at all the Real economic situations around the world, every day) Yesterday I saw charts and economic data, suggesting many countries in Europe will be having to declare insolvency in 2010.

Sickness to reign so chaos and riots do not rule?

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