Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Corporate employers got scarce flu vaccine" article - Looks Like As much Propaganda articles as possible 12/08/09 5:43pm

Corporate employers got scarce flu vaccine

USA Today is running this story.

A couple of thoughts,

First, they are not stopping the propaganda to try and get people riled up - over those "hated" Wall Street Bankers and Big Corp. people getting the Swine Flu vaccine before all the high risk and normal people.

Second, Makes you wonder what vaccine they got, is the same as all the normal folks are suppose to get? Or is it, like they did in Germany, where the Elite, government and military got one vaccine, but the normal people were getting another?

Paragraph of Article:

USA TODAY examined how state health departments distributed H1N1 vaccine after public outcry last month over Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs receiving doses while doctors and hospitals encountered shortages. The data show other companies got the vaccine in October and early November. In some cases, early doses went to people not deemed most at risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  1. either way, same mind control games, the average person will think that, even though they are being given a "second-class" vaccine, their mind will subconsciously tell them it might be safer to inject themselves with any vaccine afterall, instead of going the natural route.

    whether or not there are "better" vaccines, question is, can you trust yourself to take that "better" vaccines if they decided to give you that "better" vaccines?

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  4. Here is a link to a man in Ukraine who can tell you/show you his data. He seems honest and it is compelling. Isn't that all we can hope for now. Stick with it. Best, CT