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An Email From Germany - And Information About The 1918 Flu and Recreation of it Will Be Coming 12/03/09 7:40pm

An Email From Germany About Tamiflu - And Information About The 1918 Flu and Recreation of it Will Be Coming

The Person from Germany, does not want their name used, but I can use the name Hoffmeister for them.

There were two information pieces sent to me, but the person has asked that I wait to post those, until someone else is heard from on them.

He did send his thoughts from his research on Tamiflu and letting me post it - here that is. I will post the other things (which are quite long) when I have been given the "go ahead".


Somewhere I read in an offical WHO documents that they belief
that the Tamiflu is quickly dropped out of humans and reach the
groundwater and from there it returns to our drinking water.
And the little beasts of swineflu are just waiting in water and there they
become resistent. It is quite curious, but the WHO produces a lot of
nonsence.They are rather a marketing company then a health company!!

Well I write to you because it is very important that Tamiflu cannot work
on bacterial pneumonia of course you have to take antibiotics. Tamiflu resistence is not a question of the swine flu but of an another disease, mostly bacterial pneumonia!

That is what the Ukrainian doctors told us. Taking Tamiflu and waiting might kill

Taking Tamiflu will undermine your immunsystem further.
By the way I just heard from a man in Germany who took the vaccine Pandemrix and after a few weeks later he gots the Swineflu.
I have send the two documents to (I took out the name) for an answer for the
problem Virus-immuncells reaction.

The WHO tells us there is a beast that will kill us, just as they learned
by Charles Darwin - live is a fight - and the strongest survive.
Bruce Lipton tells another story, live is not a fight it is a community of intelligent cells and every cell strives for a comfort enviroment (it is the host= us) and they are distroying themselves if they gone kill the host. Therefore their mutation are not becoming more deadly. The deadly strains are produced in laboratories as I wrote you, the scientists cannot really controll. They are playing with fire and telling us they are doing right for humn health. They don't know it better!!!

All the deaths reported in Germany are caused by severe underlaying diseases
and all the deaths after vaccination are also caused by severe underlaying
diseases. Of course the WHO tells another story: The first are killed by the H1N1-Virus, and the second by underlaying diseases. Well it sounds rather schizophrenic and of course it is. And then the WHO tells the people who have these severe diseases should vaccunated first. And they believe what they are telling mot using their common mind!

Well my conclusion is:
don't be fixed on the beast it is rather a puppy but be aware of other
severe underlaying diseases when you go to the doctors.
In case of bacterial pneumonia no tamiflu but antibiotics.
The description giving by the Ukrainian doctor including the detailled progression
of the disease of "Ukrainian flu" enables the people to react at the right time and call thei doctor. I recommend put this discription every day on the blog!! It might live saving for a lot of people!!
I hope this may helpful for the people and think of St. Louis people 1918-20!!!
Be prepared!!!

**Note** In reference to St. Louis, in a document sent to me - there is a Chart - with St. Louis in it. It shows the 1918 flu DID NOT Kill the people there as it did other places! Why? It seems they Took VITAMINS and protected themselves NATURALLY!! I will be posting it all, at a later date - when Hoffmeister tells me, I can.

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