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Swine flu - Poland defended concerns in Brussels 12/05/09 5:05pm

Brussels - At Tuesday's meeting of EU health ministers in Brussels was of course the topic of H1N1 influenza at the top of the agenda. The Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz stood up to this point below their colleagues in their defenses against all known vaccines against swine flu, at least officially, there all alone. Now they also defended their position, warned of the vaccines, and stated that even if you order over her head away such products in Poland officially and put to use, it would not take any responsibility for this."I will not change my strategy, but what I will assume full responsibility. I am standing in a long time under tremendous external pressure being exerted on the forced myself to certain decisions, but this can not give out a clear conscience" - said the ministries in Brussels and received applause after her speech, even if only by a few colleagues.

Almost all the dead had pre-existing conditions

"We had not seen in almost 7 months swine flu hysteria surrounding a single corpse, which could be related to the H1N1 virus related. Now died in the last three weeks 24 people had alleged that the deadly virus in the blood. 1158 Poland has been up thus far infected, only a handful of these patients is still in hospital and this is usually because in addition to the "swine flu" or other chronic conditions rumschleppten with it. This also involved nearly all dead. They had several previous illnesses, including cancer and hereunder HIV and kidney disease "- said Kopacz, and also confirmed that 80% of patients suffering A/H1N1- significantly less than patients with normal flu.

Kopacz urges end of the pandemic

Health Minister Kopacz was in Brussels also convinced that it was not isolated with the Polish position and you finally "reason" demonstrate, by proclaim the end of the swine flu pandemic. Of all of the country's Ombudsman, Janusz Kochanowski, had in fact Mrs. Kopacz on Tuesday reported to the National Attorney's Office in Warsaw. In his opinion, has made himself liable to prosecution because they had no funds ordered to fight the "disease" and thus the life and health of Poland put in jeopardyThe health minister responded to a relevant information with a shrug and said that even their strategy to life and health of the country people turning, so they continue to recommend tea with raspberry juice.

Media have made a dangerous H1N1

According to data from the National Institute for Health and Hygiene in Warsaw, the "new" influenza is now responsible for 30-50% of cases of influenza in Poland. Chef Inspektor Bondar: Chief Inspector Bondar ' is the new flu is generally so mild that hardly anyone goes to the doctor. For this purpose, but also the social and honest reporting of our media to mention that generate different than the foreign press to do anything but panic. The new flu virus is dominant but much less dangerous than the previously known viruses, including the triggers of seasonal flu. 24 deaths we have had who were diagnosed with the new flu, but had most of the medical history and had been in previous periods of influenza we are in the same period, sometimes several hundred deaths. What's worse today, only the reporting of a flu like now to influenza A H1N1 "- confirmed Bondar.

Vaccines under the microscope of the public prosecutor

In many countries where vaccinations were carried out against the swine flu patient died a few hours or days after these actions. In Germany, state institutions, rule out a connection with the Impfmitteln like Pandemrix. In other countries such as Italy prosecutors are currently investigating such dubious deaths. Salerno in southern Italy, for example, it launched an investigation against two Novartis managers and 14 doctors who may be accused of being responsible for the death of a man who died in a direct and immediate post-vaccination with the Swiss product "Celtura" of heart failure. Again, judicial authorities to investigate complaints about the quality of the vaccine, although it is said to have caused in this case not "Celtura" but "Pandemrix" by GlaxoSmithKline death of the patient.

French re-sell dubious vaccines

Despite all the clears in connection with the so-called swine flu has made it the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis in Slovakia still turn on 5.4 million doses of vaccine at a preferential A/H1N1- A corresponding contract should have been made as early as Monday, according to information from Bratislava . The price of a dose is, therefore 7.60 Euro. . Previously, in the Sowakei infziert in 7 months, only 633 people with the H1N1 and four thereof (medical history, died). On the other hand, such as Germany, despite all the scaremongering now sits on more than 90% of inoculants ordered and paid for by Glaxo SmithKline, because hardly anyone wants to can still be vaccinated, since most Germans the fraud with the swine flu, which is none other than our seasonal Flu attenuated through, and hardly anyone who is really sick. Now it seems at least to try not delivered vaccine can be canceled, but it will not let the British manufacturer, since they had come so probably with large sums of money (bribes, etc.) into a template.

Austrian Health Minister urges review of WHO's regime "

The World Health Organization announced in June this year, the sixth and highest level of pandemic because of an alleged Schweinegrippen global epidemic. Completely headless and helpless as we once thought at first, but it is now seen more clearly that it is possible to "statement" of the pharmaceutical industry and its views expressed in the WHO "front men must." The Austrian Health Minister Alois Stoger has now made in Brussels, after his Polish colleague Kopacz, warning of the pandemic (WHO) because of the new influenza A/H1N1 eligible and demanded a review of the "Geneva WHO regime." He doubted, in this context that the rule of the world organization had been correct in such a light gradient of the disease to declare a pandemic.

Not upset, swine flu only fraud ...

Anyone who now still recommends to vaccinate against swine flu, can not be serious and do well by you.. Because it is really no longer ignore the fact that there are no swine flu, or gave up. The transmission of diseases from animals to humans are relatively rare, or perhaps there is not at all. . We are dealing only with the remains of our seasonal influenza, which can also be hot times or times, depending on the composition in which it just occurred.But fraudsters have recognized that with the fear of the billions of people can be earned. There are many dubious figures in connection with alleged dangerous diseases such as bird, swine flu, SARS, etc. One that is particularly suspect in this context seems to Holland veterinarian Albert Osterhaus, who warned for years against increasingly deadly new virus that could wipe out humanity and First from animal to animal and then transmitted from animal to man. . Veterinarian Osterhaus is a key figure in the WHO, but is also on the payroll of the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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