Thursday, December 3, 2009

EU: no safety concerns as 10 million get H1N1 shots

EU: no safety concerns as 10 million get H1N1 shots

Unbelievable - they say there have been NO serious side effects?!


LONDON (Reuters) - Some 10 million people across the European Union have now been vaccinated against H1N1 swine flu and so far no unexpected serious safety issues have been identified, the region's drugs watchdog said on Thursday.

The most frequent adverse reactions have been fever, nausea, headache, allergic reactions and injection site pain, but these were mostly non-serious and had been expected, the European Medicines Agency said.

The safety update is the first analysis of adverse reactions following the roll-out of three vaccines across Europe -- GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix, Novartis's Focetria and Baxter's Celvapan.

New clinical trial data did show a greater incidence of fever following the second dose of Pandemrix in babies from 6 to 35 months and an assessment of that data was ongoing, the agency added.

I find it amazing the out right lies, there are reports everywhere of deaths and adverse side effects - there have been dozens of those here in the blog! How can they LIE like that?!

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  1. To answer that question, follow the money. What kind of kickbacks are various officials getting to tout this garbage? Either that, or they are just gullible as hell, and think the WHO are what they claim to be.