Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on Slovenia White Grit Rain - Pictures 12/15/09 2:50PM

I had asked for up close pictures of the White Grit Rain.

I just got these in an email of it.

Email with the pictures included.

Hi Sherrie!
Thanks for your email. Here I send you some close pictures from the drops. We dont now what a substance this is, we never saw such a thing!!
Kind regards from Slovenia!


  1. Sherri - this is weird, looks like bird poop or mushy paper - lots of it !!!

    Alkso where is this country ? Keep us posted

  2. to me it looks like a paint drops o_O or pingeon sh.. ask them to get lil closer those drops and somewhere else like borderwalk not roof soory for my disgusting english ;(

  3. It borders: Austria on the Northern Border - and South of Solvenia is Croatia. - East is Hungary - West is Italy.