Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Night Live Segment Last Night - Spraying of People with Viruses from Helicopters 12/06/09 8:33am

Saturday Night Live Segment Last Night - Spraying of People with Viruses from Helicopters

Notice they say Spraying Twice - Once very fast - they say "Spraying" then they say "people will get sick as Hell - Helicopters will Spray your asses with Viruses" and then they show a helicopter spraying. (It is about 3/4's into the segment - where they show the helicopter spraying)

They say - "your ears will bleed" in the beginning - at the very end, they say "you will literally be Underground".

I find these things of interest, considering, part of the PTB "moral codes" are to tell the people in advance what will be happening to them, in one way or another. If you look back in history - we have always been forewarned about what is going to happen. It is from my understanding part of the PTB rules "The people have to be told and that way, they are Okay with it happening". (someone asked me what PTB means - sorry - I did not specify the meaning before. PTB = Powers That Be)

Just another thought - How long before this segment is taken off the net and the NBC SNL site? (Once we have been forewarned and a T.V. show tells us what is going to happen - after a certain amount of time - that T.V. show segment is not to be found nor shown on T.V. again). Research history - you will see this fact is true.

Link to the segment at NBC site:

UPDATE 12/07/09 9:35PM

I went through the video and wrote down the names of the bands and people who they named in the segment. I found one thing in the names of people - They have German leanings - does that mean we will hear about spraying in Germany?

Names of bands in segment:
Rat Balls
DJ Deuce Groan
Mrs Potato Dick (mentioned twice in it)
Donkey Crust

People named
Mark Furman (German name)
Justin Long
Snapple Lady (the snapple bottle said "die snapple") die is used in German
Turtle From Entourage
Ms. Screw Magazine 1997
Dirk Nowitzki (German basketball player)

If anyone can figure out if there are any messages in those names - that would be awesome.
Only thing I could figure out is German type leanings in them.


  1. OMG. I'll take mine in the snapple. LOL

  2. I don't get it. The above video link is for some stupidity about concerts with white people speaking ghetto. I suppose they have pulled the link you intended. I'm in contact with my brother who lives in central Ukraine (Zhitomir). He tells me all is well there. However, there is a run on masks. This scare may be political, since there is a presidential election coming in the new year. Not sure what to make of this yet. Am in contact with friends in Ternopil, waiting for info gathering on their end.

    Andy N

  3. That is correct Andy - Listen to the whole thing - it is about a concert and they say During the Concert they will spray people with viruses! AT the very end, they say the people will be literally Underground (dead).

    Very weird they would put that in there. That goes to my statement of "forewarnings".

  4. ive been trying to watch this in canada, it doesnt play on here for doesnt play on the nbc website...i cant find it on you tube. Itotally believe this crap is going down. Ive seen chemtrails....ive seen contrails...they are very different in apperance. Its like the elites laugh right in our faces.

  5. It is playing for me still, but how much longer?

    Sorry you can't get it in Canada - are they blocking it there already?

  6. I know about how television shows things that people don't ever understand till after-the-fact. But what are these "moral codes" you are speaking about? And are you referring to PTB as "public television broadcasting?"

  7. I can see it and it's noon:30 on Sunday my time in North Carolina.

  8. well i dont know forsure if its being blocked...but ive tried watching it on numerous websites....and even here....i get a caar ad then a notice saying i cant get this video from my location. ill keep trying....i got to find it somewhere.

  9. Hello Sherrie

    I`m in the Netherlands and can`t watch itt either?

    On the NBC site can`t find itt there,
    do you have a link?

    Greetzz and keep up the good work!!!


  10. It is linked in the post now Hesukker - under the video.

    Also - another comment for some reason is not showing up - though it should be here, asking what PTB means.

    I have now put that meaning in the post also.

  11. Sorry, I see the comment now - asking what PTB means, it is here.

  12. i finally found something on youtube...i hope this helps .

  13. When I try to watch the video, the fist few seconds will play then my browser closes. I tried it in windows explorer and firefox. I tried watching it at the link provided and it won't even pull up.

  14. Oh for the love of god! It's SNL. It's not meant to be taken seriously! Honestly I started reading here because I heard about the Ukraine mess. While I'm nervous about the lung bleeding thing, some of these posts just make me really skeptical. I'll let my instincts warn me, they haven't been wrong yet.

  15. Oh and if people can't see this video it's not because of "censoring". Some sites like NBC only allow access from US IPs. It's a licensing issue, not a conspiracy.

  16. On TPTB's "code of ethics" requiring they tell us of major diabolical deeds they have planned before they perpetrate them, cloaked as fiction/entertainment etc (check out the June 2005 FX Network TV drama "Oil Storm"- then they HAARPed New Orleans at top of Sep '05 just as foretold), they're much more blunt in this "Foreign Policy" magazine article,

    "Plague: A New Thriller Of The Coming Pandemic"
    Subtitle taunts: "And by the way, it's not fiction".

    It's an article about an as-yet-unwritten book where the author ponders out loud in the article about the book's potential plot. Author Robin Cook's earlier book "Outbreak" does exist, and combined with the content of this current FP article, TPTB appear to be telling the plebs the whole plague depopulation gameplan.

    Read the article, you'll quickly see it's worth a blog entry! And, what's up with copy/paste being disabled in these comments? Hope that FP url I had to type out above works, otherwise a search ought to turn it up easily.

  17. Don't know anything about the copy and paste thing here, I don't have anything to stop it set up.

    White Wolf - Yes it is SNL - and considering the whole Ukraine situation is from Spraying - don't you find it odd, SNL has that as part of a script?
    I find it odd, especially considering knowing how the PTB work.

  18. Hi Sherrie,
    I need a further explanation on what PTB is. Im still a little confused. Also i want to trow out there the possibility that this "skit" was a message for those who know where to look for it. Like specific groups, or people. perhaps a signal or warning of sorts. Government has been know to use T.V. to get out a message to specific targets. Also i am positive that others have thought of this, however what are the chances this is bioterrorism. This could explain the WHO's outright lies. Also the arrest of bloggers. Could terrorists be black mailing our governments? I know this is unlikely however i wanted to know if you have any information or theories about this. Thanks for all your doing. Right know information is the best protection we have.

  19. Well I know about spraying, it's widely spread via the internet and is spreading like a wildfire among people. All it takes is one person working on a show to hear about it. Also, when I lived in the US I heard on the news that people were paranoid about bioterrorism and spraying large gatherings of people. It's not like it's some hidden secret, people are scared of that happening. I'm as concerned about a mutation as any one, but after hearing tales of "FEMA death camps" or "George W planning on martial law to start NWO" I became a bit skeptical of some of these things. If they are trying to bank on swine flu and the vaccine, then mentioning a so called plague such as that would make them a fortune. It seems counter intuitive to hide the information of any illness.

  20. "I need a further expalantion of what PTB is."

    Referencing "The Powers That Be", or TPTB (or just PTB) recognizes the existence of a "shadow government" which is the real government calling the shots, with "visible/elected" governments being TPTB's puppets, mere middle managers, in a massive PR hoax to pacify the public with an illusion of self-governance. Elections are a farse, a public steam release valve, a fake steering wheel attached to nothing which you'd give to a kid to pacify them. The "left vs right" (divide & conquer) paradigm is also a ploy from TPTB, misdirecting our political energies laterally, rather than up the food chain at our real oppressors. They took the "TOP vs everyone else" reality, and turned it sideways via state education and media control, to trick most commoners into expending their energies hating their "lefty" or "righty" neighbors who they're tricked into believing are the source of the world's problems.

    Generally speaking, "The Money Powers", aka the family bloodlines who own the central banks around the world, are the core of TPTB (some call them "the illuminati"), while national militarys and spook agencies, "think tanks" like CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) act as broader rings of power surrounding the international bankster core.

    Check out "The Money Masters" on gootube video, or for a much more succinct video, in cartoon form no less, watch the 48 minute "Money As Debt" also free on gootube.

  21. Here is the youtube link:

    Considering that the shirts say "Underground underground..." - this is a spoof on conspiracy-theorists hence the helicopter-spraying-viruses bit. In effect they are saying that everything conspiracy-theorists are spouting as fact will be offered to them at this concert/gathering. Very SNL type of humor.

    But,any truth buried in the sarcasm???