Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Millions of Iranians infected with swine fever 12/01/09 8:00pm

Millions of Iranians infected with swine fever

None of the Iranian Papers I have looked at, has this News! If this is true - I would bet it is biological warfare! It is not cold in Iran right now and if there are millions of people affected, then that would be more than any other country right now.

This article is out of Russia.


Minister of Health of Iran Mazreh Waheed-Dastzherdi said that after the tests performed in more than one million people in the country tested positive for the virus A/H1N1.

Министр заявила на пресс-конференции в Тегеране, что министерство здравоохранения "публикует только подтвержденные цифры". The Minister said at a press conference in Tehran that the Ministry of Health publishes only confirmed the figures. На настоящий момент от свиного гриппа в Иране скончались 140 человек. At the moment of swine flu in Iran, 140 people died.

Иранские медики указывают на возможность новой волны свиного гриппа после возвращения с хаджа в Саудовской Аравии многочисленных паломников. Iranian doctors point to the possibility of a new wave of swine flu after returning from the hajj in Saudi Arabia, many pilgrims.

Чтобы смягчить тяжесть предполагаемого эпидемического удара, все паломники по возвращении, на въезде в Иран пройдут специальную проверку. To mitigate the severity of the alleged impact of the epidemic, all the pilgrims on their return, at the entrance to Iran will be a special audit.

Вахид-Дастжерди пообещала, что вакцина от свиного гриппа будет доставлена в Иран "в течение десяти дней". Waheed-Dastzherdi promised that the swine flu vaccine will be delivered to Iran "within ten days."

Между тем, власти закрыли сотни школ и университетов, из опасения распространения эпидемии. Meanwhile, authorities have closed hundreds of schools and universities, out of fear of the epidemic


  1. Well, if nothing else, that oughta put a temporary kink in Ahmadinnajacket's nuke plans for a little bit.

    Silver lining and all that.

  2. That's a pretty ignorant comment, Sage. People are sick and dying and you're spouting out US government propaganda? Classy.