Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Email From Poland - Same Type Rain and Spots Are Occurring 12/16/09 6:59am

I just received an email from Poland. This person saw the pictures of Slovenia's White Grit Rain and realized they too had the same thing happening.

If people from other countries around there are also having a "White Grit Rain or Snow" please contact me.

There seems to be more verifications of White Goo following low flying planes in the Eastern European area.

Here is the email:

Hi Sherrie, I've asked You some time about the M3 masks- thanks for the help -I've already got one and some hard case filters also. but thats not the reason I'm writing - some days ago before it stared to snow here in Poland (I live near Wrocław) I saw similar white spots on my car- I thought it could be bird shit but now that I sea those pictures from slovenia and from that car window I know it was not from birds.... and it was even much bigger and my car was just covered with this. Second thing is that since about 4-5 weeks I constantly hear a low flying plane... I can hear one plane between 10-11 pm and in the morning 5-6. I tell You- the sound is like from a WWII bomber :) You just cant overhear it. I told this to my friend who lives some 10 km away from me and as he heard "plane" he said "yea , I hear one 22-23 -and the next one in the morning- so theres got to be more flying than just one over me. When i see some spots like those from Slovenia I'll send them to You.

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