Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Pictures From Slovenia of White Rain with Email 12/17/09 12:51pm

The person from Slovenia was trying to get the drops up - so they could be sent for testing, they are having a bit of a problem. Here is the email from them.

Hi Sherrie!

Today I was going taking samples from the drops - but der is a problem, they wont get down, ther are so hard pasted-stuck on the surfaces, you cant get they down!! I was scrape the drops with a razor blade and after a good time of scraping, they are get into white dust. They are not get into smal pieces, particles but into white dust. So I cant take samples, only so, when I take a wet piece wadding and wipe it up, other ways its not going. But I dont now if this is then ok, if such a samples are then ok? What are you think.
And after them I was taking a piece wadding with alcohol 96% and wipe-rubbing this drops with it and the white colour was down and the drops became fully clear!! - under the white colour of the drops is a fully clear drop, like a clear gelatine, but hard as a stone!! For this reason they wont get down!! We was so wondering about this. Never we saw such a thing! I was drove today arond with the car and everywhere are the roads full of this white drops, they dont get down. And how many such a drops are around in the nature, on the fields, in the gardens...and everywhere!! And what is this??
Here I send you pictures from today, how the drops are now look like on the car and how they look like after the rubbing with the 96% alcohol- (picture 1194), you can see it well.

Kind regards from Slovenia!

I asked them, to Not touch the samples with their hands - Also - if there is another time to get fresh samples - get them then. At this time, is does not look like we will get the samples tested from last weeks White Rain.


  1. If the residue on the glass can be scraped off, that can be sent to be tested.

  2. even in powder form from the scraping, lab analysis can be done.

  3. It can be smart dust with nanoparticles. Watch this video: