Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updated Email from Slovenia - Flu Like Symptoms Now Showing Up 12/15/09 8:02am

Updated Email from Slovenia - Flu Like Symptoms Now Showing Up

Some people have emailed me asking exactly where the person is that has reported the White Grit rain, as they live in the area.

I asked the person in an email where they live, they have reported back. They have also reported, people are starting to have flu like symptoms.

I am simply reporting on this, I have asked if it is possible to get more of an up close picture. The person has said the grit is still there.

Email from this morning from Slovenia

Hi Scherrie!

I live in nordeast Slovenia, the landscapes name is Prekmurje. From us is the border to Austria about 55km far.
The white drops are still on the roads, yesterday it was snowing all day long, but they dont get down. After this white rain - on Dec.12.2009 we had strong feeling of burn in the throat and this for a long time.
Sorry, my english is not very good, I speak german very good. We often read on your site, there are many good informations and so we now the news what is happening.
From about 3 weeks ago we also see very low flying airplanes and about 3-4 days after this, many, many people get sick - the symptomps like by flu!!

Kind regards from Slovenia!

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