Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hungary's Epidemic - Little Information out - Also Emails from Someone Inside Hungary - 12/01/09 7:50am

Hungary's Epidemic - Little Information out - Also Emails from Someone Inside Hungary

There has been little information coming out of Hungary. Someone from inside Hungary has been emailing me with information, I will insert 2 of the emails here.
It seems Hungary is in an Epidemic situation that is the same type problem the Ukraine has been having.

I found one article this morning about a doctor on a ventilator in Hungary from the virus.

A doctor in southern Hungary was on a ventilator in a Szeged hospital last week after contracting swine flu. The woman, who worked shifts at a hospital in nearby Makó, had not received an influenza inoculation, the news website Délmagyarorszag.hu reported last Tuesday. Meanwhile, the winter flu continued to tighten its grip on the nation. In the week to last Wednesday, 34,000 people presented at their local GP’s surgeries exhibiting the symptoms of influenza. Recent figures from the Health Ministry suggest that roughly one in three of those with flu symptoms had contracted the new A(H1N1) viral strain known as swine flu. Meanwhile, visiting bans were imposed at more hospitals across the country as influenza spread. Last Tuesday alone, all hospitals in Szeged and Pécs were closed to visitors in a bid to protect high risk patients. “Many more people would have got the anti-flu vaccine if certain figures in the medical and political communities had not launched a counter-campaign,” Health Minister Tamás Székely told the right-wing daily Magyar Nemzet last week. The opposition has repeatedly blamed the government for failing to ensure widespread inoculation despite Hungary being among the first countries to develop a vaccine to the new virus. Widespread negative reports about the ineffectiveness or potential risks attached to the virus have been blamed for the reluctance of many to get themselves vaccinated.

Notice they are blaming the Swine Flu Epidemic on people Not getting the vaccine.

Emails to me- from Inside Hungary:

Little Update

Interesting...We have three serious cases of hospitalized PREGNANT women. Officials say they can not save them. They beat around the bush saying ..."We found traces of A-H1N1 virus in their LUNGS. We know what that means. D225G. This is the mutated form. We know that A-H1N1 is a mild virus so that can not be the cause of these poor souls pass away. It is 7.17 in the morning. We had an amazing clear sky yesterday evening. Even this morning we had a beautiful sunrise up until now....We have mega-chemtrail-attacks already....They do not want us to get a minute of healing sunshine. F&%$!!!!!!!!! For two F*&%ING WEEKS FOR NOW WE HAD THE THICKEST FOG EVER!!!!!!!!!! and they steal the smallest bit of heal every time they can.
I think I should file charges. This is clear evidence. I lost my temper. I AM SO FED UP!!!!

Another email, from same person in Hungary:

Good morning Lady

A little update for today.

I do not know what is going on in this country anymore. The gov. is creating absolute chaos in understanding the spread (increase/decrease) of the virus/plague.
We have the new plague. The first one was registered a few days ago when a teacher fell sick and was not released from the hospial since. No trace of her yet. I just heard a short quote from the health dept. saying "No vitamins can cure A-H1N1".
I think he meant the new string of the virus. The D225G.
Today they open ALL vaccine centres (tents) to start the big, hyped up shot-outs.
EVEN the police will help them with vaccine transports to be brought to theses spots !!! C'mon.....

Anyways...something scary happend.
Yesterday we had a shooting at a university. A studdent shot some students killing one. Two hours after the police high rank officials said we must size all weapons from civilians with problems. ????? WHAT ?????

They want to disarm civilians I guess. Was this a psy-op.? A little pretext?

I do not know but things just started to get excited.....And I honor God to give me a chance to live now, this plain....We must stop these bastards.

I will be watching what happens there - will Hungary use the shooting at the University to take away guns?



  2. FOR ALL THOSE WATCHING THIS,MAY G-D PROTECT AND GUIDE YOU ALL , as things progress it would be good to have a site were people can connect , to let each other know what is happening in there areas , here in uk theres vertualiy no news getting out at all , if any one knows of a regular touch site were we can stay in touch please let us know many thanks may g-d protect you all