Saturday, November 14, 2009

WHO to report on Ukraine next week 11/14/09 6:50am

WHO to report on Ukraine next week

Thanks again to Andrew for bringing this information to our attention.

WHO - should have released the information of sequences of what is causing all the sickness in the Ukraine around the 4th of November, they never have. Now, in this article, they are saying they will make an announcement next week on what is happening there. If it is simply the H1N1 as implied in this article, then why have they not released the information earlier?


The World Health Organisation (WHO) will make a public report about Ukraine ’s epidemic situation next week.

"Our experts have developed certain recommendations, and on the basis of working together with government departments, we are happy to pass them on for implementation… Our epidemiological team has completed the data collection phase in the Lviv region and other western Ukrainian oblasts, and we are now analyzing the results. These will be published in our report next week, at the time where our mission will have complete its work here," stated Yukka Pukkile, head of the WHO mission, which is researching the current epidemic situation in Ukraine .

He also emphasized: "The epidemic has spread all over the world, and is impossible to stop. In Ukraine, people should try to understand that the pandemic has affected all countries, and Ukraine is no exemption. We shouldn’t blame anyone. We should instead, combine all of our energy, to do our best to control the situation to minimize the resultant harm… The committee has come to its conclusions, which can be summarized in that there is not a serious difference of the morbidity patterns of H1N1 in Ukraine with that of other countries.”

Simultaneously, WHO’s clinical expert Dr. Simon Mardel, highly commended the organization of the work of the government in its fight against the epidemic. "Our clinical group of specialists conducted their research in Western Ukraine…And we noticed that medical staff were prepared to give us their total cooperation on the spot… I was also struck by how accommodating Ukrainian professionals were, and the Ukrainian example was indeed a positive experience for all of us … And we are convinced that this extends to all organizational levels of Ukraine," he stated.

So, in reading this, are we to come to the conclusion that what is happening in the Ukraine (bleeding lungs, virus that can be caught through the eyes being airborne etc) is IN all countries, right now? What exactly are they saying here? I seriously believe, they need to clarify what they mean and if it is in other countries right now.

The governments and the WHO need to be up front and honest in their statement next week! If this is indeed in all countries now - they need to let people know EXACTLY what it is - so people can take the necessary precautions, in my opinion.


  1. Here's a bizarre little incident for you Sherrie. Yesterday, the Globe and Mail ran an article explaining that an "unadjuvanted" H1N1 vaccine was being released for adults and teens. It was originally intended for pregnant women.

    For some strange reason, the comments section was being censored and many people were complaining that their comments were being blocked. This morning I found that the whole story was wiped and then reposted at around 12.00am and edited again at 3.19am. All the comments were removed.

  2. Hey

    Seems to me their plan has been to launch the swine flu madness campaign... And shortly afterwards, to launch the real epidemic campaign. That way the populace is weak from the vaccine and they have a plausible explanation for the plague. They are obviously pretending this plague is the swine flu and I think this is what they mean by "The epidemic has spread all over the world". There really is no end to news spinning.

    They will not let the truth out, because it condemns them. So don't expect the truth out of them. Prepare anyway.

    By the way... Do we know for a fact that this is infectious?

    Thank you for the site!!