Saturday, November 14, 2009

WHO to Help Ukraine Identify Those In Most Need of Swine Flu Vaccine 11/14/09 8:26am

WHO to Help Ukraine Identify Those In Most Need of Swine Flu Vaccine

My title of it, is a little different than in paper "Main Risk Groups for Vaccination"


The World Health Organization will be helping the Cabinet of Minister with a vaccination program against pandemic flu.

"Vaccination against pandemic flu needs to be started as soon as possible based on the availability of vaccine…Because there is currently a global shortage of vaccine, there will not be enough for the entire population. Therefore, we need to identify the main risk groups that need to be vaccinated first…the World Health Organization will help the government identify such population groups," said Yukka Pukkila, the head of the WHO mission in Ukraine.

He also expressed worry about information being spread regarding a stoppage in vaccinations against seasonal flu strains in certain regions of Ukraine.

"If someone stops seasonal vaccination, this isn’t right. We’re calling on people to return to continue with vaccinations," the WHO mission head said.

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