Thursday, November 19, 2009

WHO says Ukraine Flu Infections Not As High As Other Nations! 11/19/09 6:50am

WHO says Ukraine Flu Infections Not As High As Other Nations!

I know the information from Norway is 17% of the people are sick Link:
But for the WHO to say the Ukraine is the least of the rest of the countries listed here is shocking. I constantly search for information of "flu" cases around the world, so all I can say is, the infection rates and information is being kept very quiet.


The infection rate of A/H1N1 flu in Ukraine is lower than in seven other countries where high flu rates were registered - Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Moldova, Iceland, Ireland and Russia - the European department of the World Health Organization has reported.

The weekly epidemiological bulletin said that Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Moldova, Iceland, Ireland and the Russian Federation (Ural and Far East regions) a very high flu infection rate had been registered.

According to the WHO, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, various regions of Russia, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Finland, and Ukraine have a high sickness rate of А/Н1N1 flu.

Another 19 countries have reported widespread cases of flu and acute respiratory diseases, the WHO reported.

Research was conducted in 43 countries of the European region of the WHO.

I will try and find everything I can about the countries. Yesterday I posted about Turkey and 71% of their Health Care Workers are sick. There is almost no information available from there, it is being kept very tight lipped and information is not being released about it all.

It sounds as if almost all of the Eastern Bloc countries are in an Epidemic, I would then question if this is a true statement, why are so many countries coming to Ukraine's aid and WHO has concentrated on them more?

Is it, other countries do actually have a higher percentage of people with the "Swine Flu" - Because so few people in the Ukraine actually have the Swine Flu? Ukraine has something totally different?! So, the WHO knows this and can come out with a misleading statement saying "Ukraine doesn't have the largest flu epidemic" because they know it is something Entirely Different! Are they trying to take some attention off Ukraine right now?

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