Monday, November 9, 2009

Recombinomics says what is killing those In the Ukraine - Also in Killing in Other Countries 11/9/09 7:24am est

Recombinomics says the hemorrhagic pneumonia killing those In Ukraine - Also in Other Countries

Recombinomics says this hemorrhagic pneumonia (not H1N1 - in other words - lungs bleeding) is linked to other countries - notice they say "patients who developed a cytokine storm" - that is exactly what people have been warning about, of what will occur with the Swine Flu Vaccine! They are again asking for results of exactly what it is killing people, but no results are being forthcoming.

From Article: (again this is a medical article - can be hard to understand with all the genes and medical terms used)

1918 RBD Polymorphsm in Ukraine H1N1?
Recombinomics Commentary 04:22
November 9, 2009

The recent explosion of H1N1 cases in Ukraine (see map) has focused attention on sequences linked to the outbreak, especially those in the lungs of patients who developed a cytokine storm. This hemorrhagic pneumonia has been described previously in other fatal swine flu infections, but that rapid increase in reported deaths in Ukraine has raised concerns that the virus is transmitting more efficiently, or is replicating at higher levels in lung tissue.

These changes are frequently linked to changes in the receptor binding domain (RBD) in the HA protein. Changes in this domain can affect affinity for receptors and also modify tissue tropism. The recent expansion of seasonal H3N2 with M2 S31N was linked to two changes in or near the receptor binding domain, S193F and D225N.

Recent isolates from Sao Paulo, Brazil, collected from necropsy tissue from fatal cases had two changes at position 225. Two of the isolates, A/Sao Paulo/53845/2009 and A/Sao Paulo/53838/2009) had D225N (see list), the same change seen in seasonal H3N2. Interestingly, the swine H1N1 is a triple reassortant with flu genes from swine, humans, and birds. The human gene is PB1 and it was acquired in swine infected with a human H3N2. The initial isolates had three human genes, the H3 and N2 as well as the PB1. Thus, the prior association of the human PB1 in isolates with human H3,may increase the advantage offered by D225N.

However, two other isolates from Sau Paulo, A/Sau Paulo/53225/2009 and A/Sau Paulo/53206/2009, collected from the lungs of fatal cases, had another change at position 225, D225G. This polymorphism is more widespread and recent isolates have been found in Japan, Italy, and China (see list ). Moreover this polymorphism has been found in two isolates from the 1918/1919 pandemic, A/New York/1/1918 and A/London/1/1919. Thus, in 1918 the H1N1 virus usually had a D at position 225, but some of the later isolates had D225G, which parallels the data from the 2009 swine H1N1 isolates.

These RBD changes in recent isolates from Sao Paulo, as well as the presence of D225G in sequences from 1918/1919 raise concerns that the swine H1N1 is adapting to its human host by acquisition of RBD polymorphisms.

The explosion of cases in Ukraine, and delays in the release of sequences from fatal cases in Ukraine is a cause for increasing concern. Recent accelerations of deaths have been widespread across the northern hemisphere, raising concerns that receptor binding domain changes described above, as well as a third polymorphism at position 225, D225E, (see list) are gaining traction as the swine H1N1 adapts to human hosts.

An update on the Mill Hill sequences and deposit of such sequences at a public database such as GISAID, where Mill Hill recently deposited sequences from Europe, would be useful.

I am not a doctor - but it seems to me, someone should question if those dying had recently had the Swine Flu vaccine. But I won't count on that actually happening.


  1. It's my understanding that the vaccines taken to Ukraine were defective and no one there has had the vaccine.

    I could be wrong or someone could have given me faulty information.

    We have had the vaccine that is being used in the USA and had nothing but the normal sore spot on the arm kind of reaction.

    It sounds like this flu is changing as did the Spanish flu in 1918 and if it is we're going to see a lot of body bags in the near future. If it is changing to better fit the human body, it will be even more important to take the vaccine and try to not get the desease itself.

    If it has morphed, sooner or later everyone will be exposed

  2. So you are saying people should take the vaccine?

    Well, that is your opinion - I do NOT agree with!

    In fact if you look at a lower post, you will find WHO has out right lied about the safety of the vaccine! If they have lied already, why should the vaccine be trusted?! NO - People should NOT take the Vaccine - That is My Opinion!

  3. Anonymous said:

    "If it is changing to better fit the human body, it will be even more important to take the vaccine and try to not get the desease (sic) itself."

    If it is changing, the current vaccine will not prevent you from getting it anyway.