Monday, November 9, 2009

My Youtube Debut - Asking the Media to Start Paying Attention and What is Going on In the Ukraine.11/9/09 12:00pm

I will admit I am quite nervous about having done this youtube debut.
But I feel it is important, so I did one!

I am asking people to start contacting their local news and online news organizations and ask them to start covering what is happening in the Ukraine!

I have also given an overview of what is going on in the video.
The video cut out at the end, but I am still publishing it!
Also, I don't think the video is working correctly - today I have been having all kinds of issues with things.

Sorry the Audio is not matching the video - yet I video taped it directly on youtube and it worked fine before I published it.

I am still releasing this and hopefully it will get straightened out. If anything at least listen to it and ask the media outlets to start covering the Ukraine!

Update - I am Very Sorry - This video did not turn out well - I may erase it and try another at a later date - No video recording, I have done is uploading for me on youtube and the videos recorded on youtube directly the audio and video will not match.

UPDATE: 11/9/09 1:05PM

I WOULD LIKE TO ADD - I did a search for my video - under Ukraine Plague - it came up towards the bottom and says ZERO VIEWS!! I know there have been views - because of the comments and on "my video page" shows some!

I find this very Interesting!! Just thought I would comment on it!! (that conspiracy side of me) since everything today - me and Google companies have been having some real issues!

UPDATE - 1:16PM Below is the snap shot from youtube of the video, under the search list - showing no views - no rating! - I will like to add - my comments have stopped being submitted too, I can not respond to comments anymore - besides reply to people who have contacted me through youtube. Sorry, don't mean to make this about me, but I am wondering what is going on.

The Media is SILENT about The Pneumonic Plague spreading in the Ukraine!! This blog is devoted to getting out any and all information about what ...
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Update - 11/09/09 My 8:00pm est search for Ukraine Plague videos
- I guess my youtube debut did not work out so well, seems no one has watched it, though it did get up to 317 views after 1/2 hour (shows under video, itself) - but has not had a single view in 7 hours. Jeez, I thought I would at least get one view from it! LOL - Well, Please ask the media to start covering the Ukraine Situation anyway, even if you aren't watching the video! Guess I won't be making many others after this dismal debut!

Added to
The Media is SILENT about The Pneumonic Plague spreading in the Ukraine!! This blog is devoted to getting out any and all information about what ...
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  1. Thank you very much!
    I was asking people why we dont hear about that on TV in America and Canada. At lease they can say to people not to go to Ukraine right now.

  2. Posting most of your updates onto Facebook, thanks greatly for this.

    And thank you greatly for yourself too.

  3. Here is the link you want regarding the spraying of the carefully and take into account the speed of transmission of this infection....taking the h1n1 or seasonal flu will "distract" your immune system and contribute to the cytokine storm that will liquify your lungs and kill you within 1 week.

  4. sherrietn, great work!! don't worry about youube stats, they take a while to catch up...also your view counter may freeze up around 300 for a few days....this normal....thanks again for your hgard work!!!!!!

  5. Hi Sherrie,
    I am very grateful for all you are doing....
    Even I am still a few kilometers far away from the Ukraine. As this deadly evil is spreading, it might well also in a few days time spread over to Western Europe, where I am living...
    As far as I know this deadly "poisonous strain" whatever it really is, was produced by Baxter in a Ukraine Labor. This is the same company Jane Bürgermeister accused this spring - and afterwards she lost her job as medical journalist.
    This is her website:
    To anonymous posting on website,
    Thanks if you indicate me your profile or name or where you are posting the comments. Would be highly appreciated!
    Today, I have contacted a friend of mine - former CEO of a medium japanese pharmaceutical company - who totally changed his worldview and is now selling biological products for healing purposes, incl. e.g. colloidal silver.
    According to what I understood from him (we were of the opinion, that in the Ukraine it is "Bubonian Plague ?", which might be not correct.
    According to him, 1st you need to keep your "immune system in good order".
    Plenty of moving your body, sufficient sleep and healthy food etc.
    2nd if you still get something like that:
    - Get so much Vitamin C as your body can support. He is telling you cannot overdose it - the body simply pouring out the rest you are not able to use (there is a German doctor who goes up to 200 GRAMs Vitamin C a day if the sickness is so serious).
    My friend told me he is taking 5 grams Vitamin C a day in order to keep himself healthy. He told me also cheap Vitamin C from any serious internet shop is sufficient in quality.
    He also recommends taking Colloidal Silver which also can help to kill lots of bacterias, funghi and virusses.
    Here I uploaded some important docs:

    And I recommend everyone reading this blog to comment on the site of Jane Bürgermeister - there are already several entries in connection to the Ukranian Plague.

    Thanks for reading and God bless you!
    martin - switzerland

  6. Once again me Sherry... Sorry ;)
    It seems the powers to be do not like what I am doing (and not what YOU ARE DOING!!!)

    This very few days my computer was "knocked" down too often to believe it was just a technical problem... Was running afterwards immediately quite normal again...

    And tonight just when having been online on your blog, it happened TWICE withint less thant one hour, that it crashed within a blink of an eye.

    Each morning, I have extreme difficulties just to get the machine running... Whoever is interested in blocking me, knows probably a bit to much...

    If you wanna learn about my "evil" information I am spreading, I invite you to visit

    If you are looking for spiritual help, I recommend you pages 3 and 4 - there is some excellent Christian literature from an US American Engineer down in Alabama. (He is not affiliated to any church or group whatsoever!)

    martin - switzerland

  7. Sherri great work from Canada.

    I'am Ukranian and Polish even though born in Canada I feel the loss and the emotional turmoil happening in Europe.

    I've been actively seeking the truth and main stream media seems to be gagged. Must be contractual obligations of media/pharma/gov relations of combined agenda NWO. Jane Burgermeister Evidence of Panidemic to Depopulate the US. Google it a chronological 134 pages about Bioterroism. This is the agenda bang on...

    Inform that part of the world to protect themselves, no vaccines it will shut down there immune systems and cause the body to attack itself especially with the aerosol biological contaminate that was spread through the air.

    Everyone should be using personal protective equipment, rubber gloves, full masks, and even body protection when in public.

    Have people gargle with warm salt water, and
    q-tip there nose a dab will do, with hydrogen peroxide to decrease infection to there membranes.
    Vitamin C with Rosehips Natral factors 1000mg X3 times a day for an intensive 3 weeks whatever the body doesn't use it will be excreted through urine. Vitamin D up to 2000 I.U most are deficient due to lack of sun and improper understanding of roll of vitamin D.

    A Good multivitamin is important. Colloidal silver with destroy any bacterial and or virus, when in system of balance. Alkaline the blood 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water and drink will bring ph to normal most people who get infected will have a acid ph of under 7, each point lower risks death especially at the 5 level. Eat lots of Raw garlic,onions has many anti viral protections and cook with it to...incorporate hot water, with real lemons and unpasturized honey this will destroy any lingering germs trying to get into the system also it help calm the throat and has many healing qualities. Lots of fluids (NO dairy products this brings heavy phelgm and diminishes breathing take a calcium,magnesium vitamin)no milk products at first notice of symptoms and at least til a month rectified to health this is important... rest and good food, soups are amazing and also be in a state gratitude for the positive side of things. Relaxing your mind is very important. Try to be focused on the solution.

    My prays are with you, I know from own experience all the above suggestions worked I had blood pneumonia with phlegm and I conquered it with no pharma drugs pass this on and inform the rest of Europe. Also knowing they have absolute control within reach will give them strengh, courage, and confidence to fight this plaque. Pass it on, God Bless.

    Our foreign aid of Canada will be helping Ukraine as we speak, with help. However the best medicine is what I relayed here.