Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ukraine to Recieve Aid From Surrounding Countries 11/8/09 4:47pm est

Ukraine to receive humanitarian aid from Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia

From Article:

At the request of the Ukrainian government, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia have expressed readiness to provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid to fight the flu epidemic.

The Slovak Republic is ready to supply the second tranche of humanitarian aid. They will provide Ukraine with Slovak-made BioBelieve-Midi and BioBelieve-Kids worth 25,000 Euro. The drugs are certified in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health of Croatia will supply concentrated oxygen.

Meanwhile, Hungary with provide germicides and 20,000 doses of swine flu vaccine worth $500,000.

Of course more vaccines.

I want to say, either today is a very slow day with not much information about the "mysterious illness" happening in the Ukraine - or hardly any information is being given to anyone.

But the silence is deafening with any real information today, except for official numbers being released. I have been literally searching all day for information.

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