Friday, November 13, 2009

Ukraine will not postpone Junior Eurovision 2009 over flu outbreak - official 11/13/09 8:05am

Ukraine will not postpone Junior Eurovision 2009 over flu outbreak - official

I thought the Ukraine was under quarantine and all mass gatherings were canceled.
This is beyond me, for them to allow a Junior Song contest to go on with an Huge outbreak of a disease.

I am inserting the article about the Song Contest continuing in the Ukraine, then I will insert a link to the website, all about the song contest.

Ukraine will not postpone Junior Eurovision 2009 over flu outbreak - official

From article:

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 will begin in Kyiv on Monday, November 16, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Vasiunyk said at a session of the event organizing committee on Thursday.

"The members of the organizing committee have announced that Ukraine has entered the final lap in its preparations for this prestigious song festival. The final preparations will be made within the next few days, and the Junior Eurovision 2009 opening ceremony will take place on November 16," he said.

The deputy prime minister also ordered Ukraine's Health Ministry and National Television Company to set up an agency in charge of coordinating efforts and monitoring the epidemiological situation in official contest-related venues, catering halls and hotels that will accommodate Junior Eurovision 2009 participants, partners and guests.

Earlier, Party of Regions MP Anna Herman called on Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to cancel the song contest due to a severe outbreak of flu and acute respiratory infections registered in Kyiv.

"I call on the prime minister to come to her senses and to cancel or postpone the event because it is both irresponsible and criminal to put at risk the lives of children from around the world at the height of the flu outbreak raging in Ukraine," Herman said.

Now Information regarding the Song Contest

Junior Eurovision Song Contest Website

Some Info from site:

Young stars from 13 countries will gather at the contest in Kyiv. Once they are all known, we will introduce them to you:

Armenia (ARMTV), Belarus (BTRC), Belgium (VRT), Cyprus (CyBC), FYR Macedonia (MKRTV), Georgia (GPB), Malta (PBS), the Netherlands (AVRO), Romania (TVR), Russia (RTR), Serbia (RTS), Sweden (TV4) and Ukraine (NTU)

One question, Do they WANT the plague (as doctors in the Ukraine say it is) to spread more around the world? In my opinion - To allow KIDS to come to a contest when they have an out of control disease spreading and they have NEVER released the test results of EXACTLY what it is causing all the sickness is the Height of Irresponsibility and Immoral!

UPDATE 11/13/09 9:10AM

Finding out the virus spreading in the Ukraine - can not only be caught through airborne ways but ALSO the Virus Can Penetrate through the EYES! They CAN NOT ALLOW this Song Contest to Continue!! It will BE COMPLETELY IMMORAL!

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