Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ukraine President's Meeting On Epidemic 11/15/09 8:20am

In Kherson President Victor Yushchenko took part in a meeting on urgent measures to ensure regional security in an epidemic situation, presidential press office reported.

Opening the meeting President Yushchenko said that last year, as well as before that the statistics of flu and ARD were higher, but this year the scandal and panic were artificially created by political motives.

"Our greatest enemy, when we talk about the current situation of the epidemic is the political behavior that is totally irresponsible and most likely is aimed at making use of the political map in this process to the maximum", said Victor Yushchenko. He added that this has made the behavior of people irrational and inadequate to the situation adding obstacles to fighting the disease and reducing the effectiveness of doctors.

Also, according to the President, the Ukrainian statistics do not reflect real situation with the disease spread, adding up complications in fighting against the epidemic. “The Statistics provides inadequate situation in Ukraine: incomplete or distorted statistics has turned half of Ukraine on its head as well as deceived the whole world ", said Victor Yushchenko, adding that this creates a lot of psychological problems among the population that needs to know accurate information about the spread of the disease.

The President said that only 1082 laboratory test to detect A/H1N1have been made in the whole country, which can not be normal in a situation when the number of patients with flu and ARD exceeds one million.

Also Victor Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine has no state center for infectious diseases, including influenza; no specific plans and measures had been elaborated to fight the epidemics of flu; no timely modern type flu diagnostics had been established.

It made impossible for the authorities to assess the epidemic situation properly and timely, thus determining the tactics and providing right treatment and preventive measures.

Victor Yushchenko thanked Ukrainian doctors, who performed their duty in this difficult situation. "During the last month the most did the doctor, like noon eels in Ukraine", stressed the President.

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