Sunday, November 15, 2009

MSM Piece - Poland - Baxter Admits Contamination of Vaccine, Earlier This Year! 11/15/09 11:05pm

MSM Piece - Poland - Baxter Admits Contamination of Vaccine, Earlier This Year!

Excellent Video - I highly suggest, People to Watch This!


  1. This is absolutely essential information about an obvious and blatant attempt by Baxter to mass-produce a vaccine containing, (or contaminated with), an avian ("bird", "Spanish", "H5N1" etc.) flu virus, in light of emerging facts pertaining to the symptomatology of so-called "viral distress syndrome", "cytokine storming", "acute respiratory infection" etc.,( whatever they choose to call it ) in the current outbreak, which are all virtually identical to historical symptoms recorded in the worldwide outbreak of 1918, (which was only called "Spanish Flu" because that was the first country to publicize it in the press, in spite of a widespread blackout elsewhere, notably in the U.S., where it most likely first developed but was subsequently carried to Europe by American soldiers.) There is as much striking similarity to the present day in the media scenario as there is in the overall comparative symtomatology. Does that old saying - "History repeats itself" sound a little too familiar, because it's really true?

    In spite of the WHO??? understandably looking the other way, I'm finally beginning to believe what "Joe Moshe" was reportedly trying to say, that we're looking at a "resurrected", "redesigned", (or "re-engineered", if you will) species of "Spanish" BIRD FLU, a proven, road-tested killer of tens of millions of human beings worldwide.

  2. To briefly follow up and corroborate my previous comment above, I refer any reader hereof to latest updates (#2 and #3) of David Rothscums' original "viral" article, at his own blog. The puzzle pieces are slowly starting to fit together...

  3. Sorry, but above should have been updates #1 and #3, and please be sure to pop the link below that for his follow-up Part 2 !

  4. Here is a link to a September 09 WHO source article containing several PDFs, where they clearly state intensive involvement in the research, development and production of "candidate" H5N1 vaccines. To my mind, it goes a long way in explaining exactly why they would be shipping out over 70 kilos of this lethal crap to a dozen and a half different manufacturers. No mystery, nothing amiss, nothing to see here folks, now move along, but stay well behind the orange tape and don't look at this huge red flag...

    ...and to WHO? it may concern, please would you accidentally on purpose forget to mention and pretend not to have noticed this recent freak occurence?...

    ...of course now that many of us are getting toasted in 1 or 2 days time, we realize that you-WHO? wouldn't just happen to know anything much about this subject whatsoever at all, would you???

  5. I forgot to mention about this link above -

    ...if you read and understand nothing else, at least be sure to read the very last sentence...

    i.e...."A vet carried out checks on two casualties revealing they died from congestion and haemorrhaging of the lungs..."