Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Honestly Can Not Find News On Ukraine - Since 6:30 am I have Been Searching - Media Shut Down? 11/12/09 10:12am

I Honestly Can Not Find News On Ukraine - Since 6:30 am- I have been Searching- Media Shut Down?

This is a simple update. Normally, I have been able to find some news out of the Ukraine, since they are so many hours ahead of the U.S.. The Health Minister of Ukraine's Department - will have at least one or two information pieces too, by this time.

You will find - the ONLY articles are about the Vaccine - everything that is News - is revolving around the Vaccine!

There is nothing on the Ukraine government's site, there is really nothing in the papers, that have had some type of information on other days.

If it were not for the Huge numbers, still over One Million of being Sick yesterday and those were an increase from the day before - I would assume things were getting better.

But since the numbers were an increase, including those hospitalized - I will Not Assume that.

Now, my question is, has there been some type of Information Shut Down?

I will continue doing searches in many different ways to see if I can come up with much on it.

I have searched WHO's website - the UN's website - they have Nothing New - in fact - WHO has not updated the information on Ukraine since the 3rd (they say they do weekly updates - but that is not occurring).

Just wanted people to know - Media Blackout at this moment?

One other note - WHO should have released the test results on the 4th of November - saying what was causing the sickness in the Ukraine - they Never have released those results. Why?


  1. ...Sky news .. Andy

  2. Well yeah, it´s wierd. I wrote the biggest Dutch newssite and asked why they don´t give any information on the Ukraine. But that was work in vain, no answer what so ever. Strange.

  3. Andy, thank you for that link - but when I went to it - it said "My computer is NOT Allowed to Access that Link/website"!

  4. .WHO policy change ..Its slowly getting into the MSM..Andy

  5. For sky news search ..Go to sky news UK and search for ukraine flu ..The news item should show up then ..Don't know why the link wont work ..Andy

  6. Drudge Report has a new article...

  7. Drudge did not have that up about an hour ago - I had checked on the site about 3 times this morning! Thank you!

  8. The latest report I've found about Ukraine is from RSOI Emergency Disaster Information Service in Budapest, Hungary at this link:

    After reaching this site, you have to click the "Situation Update" tab at the top of the page to get the latest reports.

  9. Thank you Thomas, right now - everything seems to be the rehash of yesterday's news. What is on the rsoe site right now - are things we already know. What is NEW - that is where I have been having my problems - finding NEW information.

  10. To contact the reporter on this story: Kateryna Choursina in Kiev at kchoursina@bloomberg.netHalia Pavliva in Kiev at ...This is the e-mail of a bloomburg reporter Kiev .. Might be worth sending a mail ...Who knows Andy

  11. Do you check this media: