Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Article In Ukraine Paper, Says "Ukraine Hiding The Truth" Over 1000 Dead - Over 2 Million Infected 11/18/09 10:00am

Ukrainian authorities hide the true information about swine flu in the country. Number of registered flu and ARVI accidents grew up in 2.5 times – Tymoshenko said. But it is not the real situation. Real number of victims is much higher. Doctors say, that more than 1000 people has already died of flu in Ukraine. Some hours ago the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has informed, that the number of registered flu and ARVI cases in Ukraine in Nov. 8-10 has grown up again more than in 2.5 times. Experts suppose about more than 2 million flu diseased.

UPDATE 11/18/09 8:25PM - Link goes No Where Now - I did not copy the whole article here either! Wow - link scrubbed? hmm, officials must not have liked the info getting out!

UPDATE 11/18/09 8:30PM the Whole Site is down - has a URL not found. So, I would think right now, it is maybe they are just having troubles? I will be checking that paper many times over and over again, to see when/if it comes back online.

UPDATE 11/19/09 6:45AM Link is back up and working.


  1. I wonder you know...My name is Andrew Ian Murphy, and this reminds me of a story my father told me of his time in Vietnam. He was a doctor in the US Air Force During the war and he had some duty that required him to travel the country to various US medical facilities throughout the country. At each place he went the story he heard was the same, the doctors complained to him that they were recieving all of the dead from the war...he realized that the numbers were being falsified...the casualties were so much higher than reported, that it was assumned all of the dead were coming to each point.

  2. The link has already been pulled. It might be good to copy and paste all the text of these articles so we can have a paper trail.

  3. Always download anything of value to a hard copy in paper- immediately w/ the link. get a screen shot, or at very least cut and paste.

    paper=gold for those researching the forbidden.