Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WHO Says "No Significant Change In Swine Flu Virus in the Ukraine" 11/17/09 6:48am

WHO Says "No Significant Change In Swine Flu Virus in the Ukraine"


GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says tests on swine flu samples from Ukraine show no significant mutation of the virus.

WHO had sent an expert team to Ukraine last week after reports of an unusual flu outbreak.

The global body said Tuesday that preliminary genetic sequencing at laboratories in Britain and the United States showed that the virus in Ukraine was similar to that used for production of the pandemic flu vaccine.

The Ukrainian Health Ministry has registered some 1.4 million cases of flu and respiratory illness since the start of the swine flu outbreak.

WHO says most cases are likely swine flu and the infection rate is in line with neighboring countries such as Russia and Poland.

I am in Shock!! In fact I am Literally at a loss for words! So, What they are Saying is all the destruction of the Lungs, the Bleeding of the Lungs, etc. IS the Swine Flu?!

So, ALL They said here was What is occurring in the Ukraine - is nothing the Vaccine won't take care of?!

I am Speechless!


  1. They are keeping it quiet to prevent mass panic

  2. The WHO and BAXTER already know perfectly well what is the true nature of this beast, because they are directly responsible for creating and releasing it. They're only playing for time.

  3. Really, what can the WHO do? Now that they have the gene sequencing results it is too late to contain travel to and from Ukraine. There is no time for a new vaccine to be developed or distributed. They know there could be catastrophic reactions to negative news both economic and geopolitical. Their 21st Century solution is to hope the new mutated strain becomes diluted with replication. It is all too late now.