Friday, November 13, 2009

Videos on The Propaganda - FalseHoods - from the WHO, CDC, UN, Governments, and Media - Propaganda of Swine Flu Vaccine 11/13/09 11:37am

These are two videos, I have done regarding the Propaganda and Falsehoods by the WHO,CDC, UN, Governments and the Media Regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine.

The 2 videos, were one video in the beginning. Somehow after uploading it on youtube it got edited (not by me) and what I am putting in as the 2nd part was cut out of the original. It has taken 2 days to get these set up on youtube, but Finally they are on!

Oh, good news, audio and video are in sync.

I hope people understand the psychological angle being waged - so everyone will take a Swine Flu Vaccine. (that portion is in the 2nd video) I feel it is important to have people understand, what they are hearing is not the full truth regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine and in my opinion, under no terms should they get the Swine Flu Vaccine.

**I would like to add - I have just noted - my 2nd video (part 2) had shown as 54 views - but when I just went back to it - it was down 16 views - and 1 rating - where as I am pretty sure there were a few ratings before. Besides I am showing on my page the one rating - was a bad rating. ** Oh, my other video (part 1) has also now gone down in views, from 90 to 54.
Just thought I would note that here, I find that interesting.


  1. I just can't see the video on you page...

  2. the videos work! I dont think my view has been counted though! still 16 for the second.

  3. Nice video. :o)
    Watch the video from Fox News interviewing Dr Kent Holtorf (it pops us at the end of Sherie's video). He says he would definately not give the vacinne to his kids!

  4. Take screen shots of everything and print every single thing out twice. Keep two separate folders in two separate places. Also, make a backup on a thumbdrive or some other device. Document. It's great how you date and time stamp.

    Like I said, great work!