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Paraguay - Low Planes Spraying - People Sick Afterwards 11/11/09 7:08am

Paraguay - Low Planes Spraying - People Sick Afterwards

Thanks again to another Sherry - who is reading this blog - she sent me this information!

Low Level Planes Sprayed a Tribe with something - they think a Pesticide - People were immediately sick afterwards. Others have been trying to force them off their land.

This is very disturbing - spraying of people with chemicals is happening around the world!

Please click on headline for full story. This is related to the Ukraine - in the way of the Spraying that happened.

From Article:

More than 200 indigenous people who refused to vacate their land in eastern Paraguay were sprayed late last week with what some believe was pesticide, sending seven to the hospital, a government cabinet member said this week.

The 217 members of the Ava Guarani community in the Itakyry district suffered vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and nausea, said Esperanza Martinez, Paraguay's minister of health. Although one person was in serious condition, she said Monday, the rest are improving.

"For us, it's very clear that this is an acute community-wide intoxication caused in a premeditated manner by an unknown substance," Martinez said on her ministry's Web site. "But it is very clear because all of the similar symptoms occurred after this incident."

An eviction order against the indigenous people was supposed to be carried out Friday, but a district prosecutor canceled the mandate right before it was to be executed.

"And, according to what the indigenous said, that apparently angered the soy growers, who went there to try to remove them," Paraguayan Health Minister Martinez said. "They went in trucks to try to forcefully remove them."

Amnesty International said the Ava Guarani fought back against the 50 men who tried to evict them.

"The indigenous peoples resisted using bows and arrows," the rights group said in a release Tuesday.

Police were present, which limited the fight, Martinez said.

"Afterward," she said, "came a low-level flight by airplanes where the people were working in their fields, in their community orchards, with the spraying of a liquid over the people who were there, who later presented with massive symptoms."

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