Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News Article That Makes You Go, HHmmmm .... Ukraine Connect 11/11/09 11:10am

News That Makes You Go Hhmmmm....

I am deviating a little here - from strictly about the Ukraine Plague/Disease etc, with this Post of a News Article.

I find it (as you may also) of interest and there is a Ukraine Connection in it.

Indian rescuers find missing Ukrainian paraplane-pilot in mountains


On Nov. 11 India's rescuers found a Ukrainian retired colonel of the Ukrainian air force, Ihor Tabaniuk, who had made an emergency landing on a paraplane in mountainsin the north of India five days earlier, according to a statement by the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that on Nov. 11 at about 04:00 [Kyiv time] the rescue operation completed successfully and Ukrainian citizen Ihor Tabaniuk was found. The operation was organized by the Defense Ministry of India and India's private rescue firms in consortium with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the statement reads.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko coordinated the actions of the Ukrainian official structures on organizing within shortest possible time the rescue operation in India.

The pilot's relatives turned to the Ukrainian Embassy in India on Nov. 8. Ihor Tabaniuk is undergoing medical treatment. He said his condition is satisfactory.

Maybe, you can see why I wanted to include it here. It sure does seem the top officials from the Ukraine, made sure this "rescue" mission happened and the "Defense Ministry of India" is the one who handled the "rescue" mission. That all seems a little strange - Why would such high level people or even a Defense Ministry get involved in a "Rescue" of a Retired Colonel From the Ukraine?

Again - just something I wanted to include - it made me think...hhhhhmmmm.....

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