Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wall Street Journal Runs A Ukraine Story Today! 11/11/09 10:51am

Wall Street Journal Runs A Ukraine Story Today!

Excitement in the Air? A MSM paper runs a Ukraine Story TODAY!

A Sampling of Article, see link in headline for full article:

KIEV -- A meeting between top Ukrainian government officials and a senior aide to the president Tuesday failed to resolve the political deadlock threatening to cut off International Monetary Fund lending.

The government still insists there is hope for a compromise on the social-spending increase signed into law by President Viktor Yushchenko, the major stumbling block to continued IMF cooperation.

But despite pressure from Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's government, the European Commission and the IMF, there is no sign that Mr. Yushchenko is ready to change his position ahead of a presidential ballot in January. With the IMF saying it is ready to help Ukraine only if consensus is reached, its release of the scheduled $3.8 billion installment seems increasingly unlikely.

Yep - A Real MSM story on Ukraine TODAY!! I am sure we are all Very Impressed with the subject they chose to write about regarding the Ukraine! Not one word was mentioned about an Epidemic in the Ukraine. That is ALL I have to say on this article choice!


  1. here is an interesting link to a msm news item:

    All the best and thanks for your updates!

  2. how long until it gets to the USA? the plague?