Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taliban Detainees in Canadian Custody to Get Vaccinated Ahead of Canadians 11/12/09 9:00am

Taliban detainees in Canadian custody in Afghanistan will receive swine flu vaccinations ahead of the majority of Canadians in Canada, where there is a shortage of the vaccine _ a move Canada's health minister called outrageous.

Task Force Surgeon Cmdr. Rob Briggs said Tuesday detainees being held at Kandahar Airfield will have the opportunity to be vaccinated beginning Wednesday. Canadian soldiers have been receiving the vaccine for more than a week.

Medical staff sought legal advice, and Briggs said they were told that under Geneva Conventions, prisoners of war should receive the same treatment as Canadian soldiers.

Vaccine shortages in Canada have hampered the country's largest-ever mass vaccination effort, causing long lineups and widespread frustration at clinics.

Maj. Mario Couture, Task Force Kandahar's senior public affairs officer, said doses of the vaccine being made available to Afghan detainees will come from army stockpiles. He said the military had secured sufficient quantities of the vaccine several months ago and has enough to treat both detainees and soldiers.

"We've always said that ensuring Canadians receive the vaccine is a priority. Personally I'm very disturbed by the news, and I can say that we did not make this outrageous decision. I have asked my officials to look into that," Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said.

***I am going to make a comment about this and the story last week the MSM made sure to cover over and over again. (this is my conspiracy side - comment) MSM acted so Completely Outraged and slammed the U.S. Government and Wall Street for accepting the Swine Flu Vaccine, ahead of the "normal" people of the U.S., when massive shortages are abound.

When I watched and listened to the outrage from all the Media - My ONE THOUGHT - OH, They are GOOD - what Propaganda!! Who is the MOST HATED Groups of the U.S. right Now?
The Banks and The Wall Street Gang!

So, how do they get people riled up Even More (shortages of vaccine first - not having the complete effect they want with the public)?

They figure out - besides shortages, Now lets Say - Wall Street Gets the Swine Flu Vaccine First - that should get people - Yelling and Screaming "They want the Vaccine"!

My thought, When they said Wall Street Got the Vaccine - Last Week? AWESOME!!! I hope they REALLY DID!! Just the Group I Want to see get the Swine Flu Vaccine! My only other question was, Is it the SAME vaccine, everyone else is suppose to get?

Now, to this article - it seems Canada is playing the same type hand and propaganda - by saying the Taliban detainees are getting the Swine Flu vaccine first, before the Canadian people, even though there is a shortage of it.

Will that actually get the Canadians riled up?

*Note* - I know I said no - Conspiracy theories on this blog - but - this is Obvious Propaganda from the media and countries regarding the Swine Flu vaccine. Otherwise, why did they release this information? They did not have to.

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